‘Messi pay suspension’ was a disgraceful show!… PSG lifts discipline → Director “starts”

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) lifted the suspension of Lionel Messi. Messi is expected to start right away. 

Messi’s recent feud with PSG has drawn a lot of attention. Messi, who decided to go to Saudi Arabia to fulfill his role as a public relations ambassador for Saudi Arabia after the loss against Lorient, was disciplined for leaving the team training without permission and heading to Saudi Arabia. 

There were also reports in France that it was decided to train instead of rest after Messi left the team, but PSG’s leadership was angry at Messi’s training without permission and punished him with a suspension of participation and training for two weeks and deprivation of salary.

Messi did not protest against the club’s disciplinary action, and immediately lowered his head by uploading a video of himself apologizing on social media. However, despite the apology video, it was expected that Messi would be completely excluded from the last Troyes expedition and the punishment would be maintained.

In the midst of this, PSG coach Christopher Galtier directly mentioned Messi’s participation, and fortunately, Messi’s apology video seems to have worked.

The French media ‘Get French Football News’ reported on the 12th (Korean time) that “Coach Galtier announced Messi’s starting appearance.”

Get French Football News said, “Galtier announced at a pre-press conference for the upcoming PSG-Ajaccio game that Messi will play against Ajaccio. did,” he said.

Reportedly, when asked about Messi at the press conference, Galtier said, “I talked about coming back to find out what kind of mindset Messi has. He is very calm, motivated to play, and aims to win. I thought,” he said. 

“He will play tomorrow,” said Galtier, confident that he would see Messi on the pitch.토스카지노

As the selection for Ajaccio was decided early, the controversy over Messi’s disciplinary action came to an end. However, with the withdrawal of Messi’s punishment, the possibility of facing criticism that PSG’s purpose was to discredit the world-class striker called ‘the god of soccer’ rather than to discipline the team through discipline increased.

Meanwhile, coach Galtier predicted a new tactic along with Messi’s return.

As for tactics, he explained, “I thought about it and tested two formations. One of them includes three forwards,” explaining that Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Hugo Ekitike can be deployed simultaneously in the attacking line. 

Along with the news of Messi’s return, coach Galtier even mentioned a new tactic that would change the team’s atmosphere, and attention is focusing on whether Messi will be able to capture the hearts of PSG fans once again by playing an active part in his first return match after his punishment.

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