Netherlands, 50 shots against the weakest player in 10 fights…”Three goals are not enough”

A game in which three goals were scored but failed. Following the match against France, the Netherlands performed poorly in the match against Gibraltar.

The Netherlands beat Gibraltar 3-0 in the second leg of Group B of the European Football Championship (UEFA) European Football Championship (Euro 2024) held at Stadion Feyenoord in the Netherlands on the 28th at 3:45 am (Korean time). 메이저사이트

As a result, the Netherlands ranked third in the group with 1 win and 1 loss (3 points, -1 goal difference), while Gibraltar stayed at the bottom with 2 losses (0 points, -6 goal difference).

The Netherlands scored the first goal. In the 23rd minute of the first half, Depay finished the cross from Doomfries with his head and split the net.

The Dutch scored an extra goal. At the start of the second half, Doomfries, who had come all the way into the box, crossed in the opposite way, and Ake scored with a header.

In the 6th minute of the second half, Gibraltar was outnumbered. Ace Liam Walker received a direct red card for a rough foul by stepping on Simmons’ ankle. In fact, it was the moment when the game was decided.

Ake scored multiple goals and put a wedge in the game. He shook the net once again with a left-footed shot from outside the box in the 37th minute of the second half.

However, after the game, the Dutch players were not bright. It was because he scored 50 shots (12 effective shots) in the first half against the weakest Gibraltar, but only scored 3 points.

The disappointment was even greater because the Netherlands lost 0-4 to France in the previous match. Even Gibraltar had to endure with 10 people for over 40 minutes. Even though they had an overwhelming advantage with an 87% market share, they left a sense of regret by using the so-called ‘pongchuk’ by relying on crosses instead of build-ups.

Dutch captain Van Dijk sighed: “It was a difficult game. We should have scored more than three goals. Obviously we should have done better than this.”

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