North Korea conducts AFC C-level leader training… Continued expression of ’emphasis on physical education’

 The Korean Central News Agency reported on the 30th that North Korea held an Asian Football Confederation (AFC) C-class leadership qualification class.

The news agency said, “The Asian Football Confederation C-level coach qualification course was held at the Pyongyang City Soccer School from the 15th to the 29th.”

If you obtain AFC’s C-level coaching qualification, you can coach the under-12 youth club team and coach the under-18 youth club team. Classes can be held by the football associations of each country under the supervision of the AFC. 온라인카지노

The news agency said that soccer coaches and instructors in the physical education department participated in the class, and said, “In this class, theory and practical lectures including ‘Principles of Teaching Training Guidance’, ‘Ball Driving and Synesthesia’, and ‘Communication and Support’ are conducted, as well as supervision and guidance. There was a project to evaluate teachers’ ability to guide teaching training,” he said.

“Participants deepened their awareness of the theoretical and practical problems arising from the scientific training of athletes and students, and the achievements and experiences achieved in the project to create and apply effective training methods and methods through this lecture,” he continued. shared,” he said.

In August of last year, North Korea held an AFC B-level leadership qualification course.

North Korea has been expressing its emphasis on sports since the beginning of the year, such as appointing Prime Minister Kim Deok-hun as the chairman of the National Sports Guidance Committee this year. It has been confirmed that Foreign Economy Minister Yoon Jeong-ho has been appointed as the new head of the Korea Football Association.

Kim Jong-un, the general secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, also personally watched sports matches between the cabinet and the Ministry of National Defense last month.

Analysts say that North Korea’s emphasis on sports is because it is promoting participation in the Asian Games to be held in Hangzhou, China in September this year.

North Korea was punished by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for not participating in the Tokyo Summer Olympics held in 2021 due to a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), and was suspended from participating in IOC-sponsored competitions until the end of last year.

North Korea’s Corona 19 quarantine is still ‘high intensity’, but it is likely to be subject to disciplinary action again if it does not participate in this competition, so there are observations that North Korea will also seek diversified ways to participate in the competition.

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