‘One of the worst contracts in MLB’ Washington abruptly cancels Strasburg retirement press conference…as post-retirement residual salary issue not agreed upon

Stephen Strasburg’s retirement press conference, one of the worst contracts in Major League Baseball, has been abruptly canceled.

Two weeks ago, the Nats and Strasburg agreed to hold a press conference on Tuesday to formalize Strasburg’s retirement.

However, according to Jesse Doherty of the Washington Post on July 7, the Nats canceled the scheduled press conference because they had not finalized key details of Strasburg’s retirement agreement.

Strasburg’s retirement plans have reportedly not wavered, but it appears that he and the Nats have been unable to reach an agreement over the balance of his post-retirement salary.온라인카지노

Strasburg re-signed with the Nats for seven years and $245 million after winning the 2019 World Series. This is the fourth year of the deal.

Strasburg missed most of 2020 with nerve problems in his right hand, and in 2021 he was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome, the most feared injury in pitching.

Since then, Strasburg has tried his best to return, but has been unsuccessful.

Washington is contractually obligated to pay Strasburg $35 million per year for the next three years.

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