‘Park Jin-man Baseball’ spring camp is different… Rest the least and train the most

 Ahead of the 2023 season, 10 professional baseball teams are leaving spring camp. Kiwoom, Hanwha, KT, NC, and Doosan depart on the 29th, and LG, KIA, SSG, and Samsung depart on the 30th. Lotte heads to Guam by plane on the 31st.

Park Jin-man, who led Samsung as an acting manager last year and was promoted to official manager after the season, is showing a different color from spring camp. Samsung rests the least and trains the most compared to other teams. 

Most of the teams at the camp have a ‘3 days training – 1 day rest’ schedule. As promised, LG, Kiwoom, Hanwha, KIA, KT, and SSG have the same rest day during the camp. I train for three days from February 1st, have my first rest day on February 4th, and continue the same schedule until the end of February. As Hanwha, KIA, and SSG move to Okinawa, Japan at the end of February to start practice matches, the rest days change.

Doosan starts with a three-day training in Australia, then conducts three four-day training sessions in the middle of the camp. Lotte has a four-day training-one-day rest schedule during the Guam camp. Then, in mid-February, they moved to Ishikaki, Japan, and moved to Okinawa again a week later, continuing to camp in three areas.

Samsung adheres to the ‘4 days training – 1 day rest’ schedule from the beginning of the camp to the end in Okinawa, Japan. The longest camp is held at comfortable facilities for players, such as Akama Stadium and indoor training grounds located in Onna-son.

During the ‘four-day training’, the rest days are the least. Kiwoom will return from the US on March 3rd after taking 7 rest days. Samsung has a week longer camp than Kiwoom. Return home on March 10th. It is the slowest among the 10 clubs. Nevertheless, Samsung’s rest days are the same as Kiwoom’s, 7 times. Samsung trains for 30 days excluding rest days (7 days). For Kiwoom, 23 days are training days, excluding rest days (7 days).

Samsung also plans to play 9 games, the largest number of practice games. There are schedules for practice matches with Yomiuri and Hanshin in Japanese professional baseball, as well as KIA, Lotte, Hanwha, and SSG in the KBO League.

In addition, Samsung starts the practice game early from the second turn. On February 9th, we will have a practice match against Nippon Ham and February 11th and 12th against Chunichi. In order to play in practice games from the beginning of camp, players must build their bodies through off-season individual training. 스포츠토토

Coach Park Jin-man changed the atmosphere of the team by directing 50 games since August after former coach Heo Sam-young resigned last year, recording 28 wins and 22 losses (.560 win rate). It had the highest win rate among 10 clubs during the same period. From 9th place, they intervened in the competition for the final 5 at the end of the season and finished in 7th place. Manager Park, whose gentle smile was his trademark as a player, showed his charisma to dominate the players after becoming a coach.  

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