Park Young-hoon finishes it off… Suiryun Hapcheon defeats Korea Go to advance to the Go League PO.

Suiryeohan Hapcheon has advanced to the playoffs (PO) of the Go League.

The team defeated Ulsan Goryeon 3-2 in the second round of the 2022-2023 KB Kookmin Go League Semi-Playoffs (Semi-PO) at the Korea Origin Go TV Studio in Majang-ro, Seongdong-gu, on Saturday evening.

The team, which finished second in the regular season, had defeated the third-ranked Ulsan Goryeon 3-1 in the first game the previous day.

With their second consecutive win, the team will play a best-of-three playoff series against the league’s top-ranked team, Jeonggwan Jangchunok, starting next month on April 4.

The second round of the semi-finals was a fiercely contested match that was not decided until the last minute.

The result of the three games played at the same time at 7 p.m. was 2-1 in favor of the team.

Jonghoon Park, 6th dan of Suiryeo Hapcheon, was the first to announce his victory by defeating Hong Moo-jin, 6th dan of Ulsan Go in 232 moves with black, but Ulsan Go responded by defeating Choi Jung, 9th dan of the “Queen of Go” to tie the score at 1-1.

In the second consecutive day of the first-ranked captain’s match, Park Jung-hwan 9-dan defeated Shin Min-joon 9-dan with an uncontested draw, giving Suiryeohan Hapcheon the advantage.

In the fourth game, Ulsan Goryeo Yeon sent the second game to a deciding game when Yoon Jun-sang 9-dan defeated Yoo Oh-sung 7-dan by fire.

In the final five games, which began at 11:24 p.m., veteran Park Young-hoon 9-dan, the second-ranked player of Suuryeohan Hapcheon, outplayed Ulsan Goryeong 5-dan Park Hyun-soo 5-dan early on and forced a surrender at 0:28 past midnight.안전놀이터

With the KB Go League being played in two leagues this season, the third round of the semi-finals between Nanga League runner-up Celltrion and third-place Kixx will begin next month.

The championship prize is 250 million won and the runner-up prize is 100 million won.

Teams eliminated from the playoffs will receive 40 million won, and those eliminated from the semi-playoffs will receive 20 million won.

The postseason, which will be held in a best-of-five, best-of-three series, will begin with the first through third rounds simultaneously, followed by the fourth and fifth rounds.

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