Pay attention to 2023 high school baseball, catcher Ryu Hyun-joon of Jangchung High School

Jang Chung-go has been building a winning strategy in recent years.

In fact, last year, he showed a formidable appearance by winning runner-up in the E-Mart Cup. In the process, pitchers such as Hwang Jun-seo, Yuk Seon-yeop, and Cho Dong-yoon showed remarkable growth, making them look forward to this year even more. However, director Song Min-soo of Jangchung High School is not satisfied with this. “There are many better talents. This year is really worth looking forward to,” said Song. In addition to the solid pitching staff, the presence of Ryu Hyun-joon (18), who is the candidate for the fourth hitter, is what makes Song so confident. Pay attention to Ryu Hyun- 바카라사이트

joon, the hostess with both strength and sophistication.

Ryu Hyun-joon, who went on to Jangchung High School after graduating from Baejae Middle School, is actually a promising player who can play both pitching and hitting. In fact, during his freshman year, his position was recorded as a pitcher, and Coach Song himself says that he can become a pitcher. However, from his freshman year, he began to stand out as he entered the plate in earnest.

When asked about Ryu Hyun-joon’s strengths, director Song Min-soo said without hesitation “shoulder and long hitting power.” He has that much punch and is confident that he has enough competitiveness as a catcher. Last year, there was less time on the ground as a catcher with Kim Dong-ju in the third year, but the fact that Ryu Hyun-joon was in the batting line at Jangchung High School was able to impress. This was because he appeared in 28 games, going 31-for-75 (one home run), with 18 RBI and a .413 batting average. In response, coach Song also praised him, saying, “(Kim) Dong-ju was also a very good player. But in terms of potential, he is better than him. I think he is a player who will surpass the high school level in all aspects, including betting, defense, shoulder, and slugging power.” did not spare

On top of that, Ryu Hyun-jun raised his stock price last year by winning the batting award in the second half of the weekend league. Also, his .40 batting average is the second best after U-18 national team member Jung Joon-young (KT). It is rumored that he showed a good appearance in the Busan field training this time and made people look forward to this season. The Busan Winter League friendly match performance was also the best in the team with 15 hits in 41 at-bats, 2 homers, and a batting average of 0.365.

The reason Ryu Hyun-joon’s performance is welcome is that this year’s high school baseball catcher’s game can be greatly shaken. This is because Lee Seung-hyeon of Cheonan Bukil and Lee Sang-jun of Gyeonggi High School, who have already distinguished themselves in their long hitting and defense power, are attracting attention, and Ryu Hyun-jun has joined the team, making the catcher competition worth watching this season. It will be interesting to see which of them will get the pro nomination first, and what the pro scouting team’s evaluation will be like.

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