Phoenix Interested in Toronto’s OG Anunobi Trade

The Phoenix Suns are monitoring the trade market.

According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, Phoenix is ​​interested in OG Anunobi (forward, 201cm, 105kg) from the Toronto Raptors.

In the middle of the season, much attention is focused on Anunobi’s future and Toronto’s decision. Anunobi has recently said it has no intention of leaving Toronto, but it is definitely attracting a lot of attention in the current trade market. It’s worth keeping an eye on for teams that want to add extra perimeter power. 스포츠토토

Phoenix deserves to be collecting various information. From guard to forward, if possible, it is likely to aim for reinforcement. It is only natural that they hope for a full-strength boost as they have unfortunately suffered in the playoffs despite good results in the regular season over the past two seasons. Moreover, since Jay Crowder requested a trade before the season, it is worthwhile to trade him through him.

Market interest in Anunobi is hot. It was recently spotted that the New York Knicks offered multiple nominations for Anunobi. This is because he has a contract until the upcoming 2023-2024 season, and he is still in his mid-twenties and has a sense of power. Julius Randle and Jaylen Brunson are in the center, so if Anunobi joins in, it’s enough to boost his power.

However, as Toronto did not accept even after New York offered a number of nomination rights, if Phoenix wants to embrace Anunobi, Toronto must be able to offer tempting deal terms. If you include Crowder, of course, the right to pick in the first round without protection conditions should be entered. It is worth trying because Crowd is valuable as an expiring contract. However, it is questionable how much Toronto can accommodate.

Anunobi has been consistently active so far this season. He has appeared in 45 games this season and is averaging 16.9 points (.457 .366 .821), 5.5 rebounds, 2 assists and 2.1 steals in 35.8 minutes per game. He is regarded as a capable small forward and has above-average defense. He has improved every year since advancing to the NBA, and this season he is performing similarly to last season.

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