Racing Association, operating one-stop employment program… Spurring future horse industry talent development

The Korean Horse Association, as an institution dedicated to fostering the horse industry, will accelerate its efforts to nurture talents who will lead the future horse industry in 2023. 

This year, education and employment support will be further expanded by actively reflecting the ‘specialization of horse industry manpower and strengthening support for employment and start-ups’ of the 3rd Comprehensive Plan for Developing the Equine Industry established by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of the previous year. The network with training institutions and horse businesses, which was limited during the COVID-19 period, will also be strengthened.

The Horse Association operates a one-stop program for employment in the horse industry and aims to nurture future horse industry experts.

First of all, in 2023, on-site customized training courses for each consumer will be operated. Representative examples are the ‘Career Exploration Class’, which provides field experience in the horse industry for 1st and 2nd year high school students, and the ‘Employment Preparation Class’, which supports successful employment in the horse industry for 3rd year high school students.

In particular, the job preparation class has received a great response from students as a customized education program that lasts for one year, from competency enhancement to job preparation.

In addition, overseas training programs for developed countries in the horse industry will provide students with opportunities to enhance their understanding of the advanced horse industry and strengthen their professional capabilities. 먹튀검증

We are also preparing a program to support employment success in the midst of an extremely strong employment cold wave. Representative examples include providing a place to provide information on job seekers and job seekers using the horse industry information portal Hospia, event to present gifts to successful employment through job matching, and internship support system.

The internship support system is a system that pays subsidies to companies and interns when hiring interns at horse companies, and plans to focus on publicity this year to expand the number of beneficiaries.

Expand teacher-only education programs and develop premium online lecture contents. Representative programs include a one-on-one coaching program for teachers at training institutions (twice a year) and a horse industry job training course during summer vacation. In particular, the operation period of the job training course will be extended from 1 week to 2 weeks, and the training effect will be improved by dividing it into training courses by level.

In addition, customized consulting and opportunities to benchmark excellent institutions are provided to actively support the capacity building of training institutions. 

In line with changes in the digital education environment, online horse industry education contents are also strengthened. Since 2020, the Ministry of Education’s online education platform, Kmook, has opened equine health management, horse health management, and horse training practical courses, starting with horsemanship and horsemanship, and achieved a cumulative number of 1,400 students by 2022. 

Jeong Ki-hwan, chairman of the Korean Racing Association, said, “As an institution dedicated to fostering the horse industry, the Korean Horse Association will develop and operate various professional manpower training programs to help create quality jobs and expand the value creation of the horse industry.”

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