“Release of Bauer is unanimous – the right decision” LAD becomes more comfortable

Recently, the Los Angeles Dodgers finally released Trevor Bauer (32), a Cy Young-class starting pitcher. It seems that he has no regrets about this decision.

The LA Times, a media outlet in the Los Angeles area, reported the opinions of Los Angeles Dodgers President Stan Carsten and general manager Andrew Friedman on the release of Bauer on the 2nd (Korean time).

On this day, President Carsten said, “The release of Bauer was decided unanimously within the team,” and “It was the right decision.” That there is no regret about the release of Bauer. 스포츠토토

In addition, Director Friedman said, “The decision to release Bauer was the right decision. We are very happy with this decision.”

Of course, there must have been voices opposing the release of Bauer within the Los Angeles Dodgers. However, at least externally, there seems to be no noise about the Bauer emission.

Bauer was suspected of assaulting a woman while having sex with a woman last year, and Major League Baseball placed Bauer on administrative leave.

Later, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office dismissed Bauer’s charges due to insufficient evidence. However, the MLB office rather punished Bauer in April of last year.

Although he was not punished by law, he was punished with mixed feelings of suspension for 324 games. It is more than four times the punishment received after being caught taking a banned substance.

In the end, the Major League Secretariat announced last December that it would reduce Bauer’s punishment from 324 games to 194 games. Of course, the reaction that the punishment for 194 games was too much.

However, the Los Angeles Dodgers eventually released Bauer. Even though he was not prosecuted, he judged that it would be difficult to be with a player who lacked morality.

Since then, no clubs have hoped to sign Bauer. As a result, the possibility of Bauer becoming an international missing child is increasing.

If Bauer signs with a major league club, he can start playing on May 24th. In the case of foreign leagues, it is possible to play immediately regardless of punishment.

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