“Renewal again” Gwangju FC will break the vicious cycle

Professional soccer team Gwangju FC held a vision declaration ceremony ahead of the season opening.

We resolved to break the chronic vicious circle of sham accounting and personnel disputes, which were revealed again through KBC reports recently, and to leap forward as a prestigious club.

Reporter Koo Young-seul reports.

Return to the first division after a year and the launch of a new management team. 안전놀이터

Gwangju FC’s new slogan was ‘renovation’.

Since its founding, it has made it clear that it will no longer avoid issues such as the common sense of non-public conduct, controversy over executives lacking in qualifications, and allegations of misappropriation of public funds.

▶ Sink: Roh Dong-il / CEO of Gwangju FC
– “Now, I’m sure Gwangju FC will show a different side to you. We’re trying to be reborn as a new team that can give people faith and receive love.”

Gwangju Mayor Kang Ki-jeong, the owner of the club, also pointed out the mistakes of the past and repeatedly ordered that the club be transformed into a club for the athletes and citizens.

Gwangju FC plans to unify the command system that has been divided into two through the merger and abolition of departments and establish a new strategic headquarters to strengthen support for the team.

It also expressed its will to actively collect opinions from fans to improve its value and function as a citizen team.

▶ Interview: Jaejin Kim / Gwangju FC Supporters
– “Through new innovation, I think we must fix what needs to be fixed and put new alcohol in a new unit. I hope it develops into a club that can remain, not relegated, and move deeper into the Asian Champions League.”

Gwangju FC, which was aiming for a new leap forward in the first division in the shameful evaluation of ‘Grade is first class and management is last’.

▶ Standing: Koo Young -seul
– “We are paying attention to whether Gwangju FC will be able to break the vicious cycle and be reborn. This is KBC Koo Young-seul.”

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