Reversely in an instant…Cancelu, even Manchester City fan account ‘blocked’

Did it become a relationship of rebellion in an instant?

I heard shocking news. Manchester City’s key defender, Cancelo, was leaving the team on loan. There was no sign of anything before, so the news of Cancelo’s rental came as a shock to many fans. Negotiations have already entered the final stage. A number of local officials, including Fabricio Romano, said that Cancelo’s move to Bayern Munich was a fait accompli and that he was currently flying to Munich to complete the transfer.

As mentioned, he was a key player for Man City. In the 2019-20 season, the first year of his transfer, he was pushed back by Kyle Walker and turned into a rotation resource, but in the 2020-21 season, he showed himself as a football guru, even as a left back. Based on his excellent understanding of tactics, he perfectly implemented the movements of a fullback that coach Pep Guardiola pursued, and he played a tremendous role in both offense and defense, such as using under-wrapping and overlapping freely. 안전놀이터

However, this season his position has declined drastically. At the end of his last season, he began to show his insecurity in defense little by little, and this season the intensity has increased even more. After the World Cup in Qatar, it seemed to be pushed out of the competition at all. Unlike before, when he was a regular starter, he sat on the bench three times in the six league matches played after the World Cup. Of his three appearances, only one was his full time.

This was the cause. Cancelo was dissatisfied with his position and asked manager Pep Guardiola to play. This led to discord. Reporter Jack Goheon, who is familiar with Man City news, told the British media ‘Daily Mail’, “The relationship between Cancelo and Guardiola deteriorated, and their heated discussions led to a shock loan. Cancelo has been dissatisfied with his playing time in recent weeks. I embraced it and raised my voice.”

He was a player who loved Man City and was loved by Man City fans, but now he has become an ‘enemy’. Maybe it has become a ‘enemy’ beyond the enemy. This is because Cancelo has blocked a Manchester City fan account with many followers.

A Manchester City fan account with about 129,000 followers said on social media after Cancelo’s transfer announcement, “Canselu’s social media account has been deactivated.” However, after about an hour, he showed a gloomy response, saying, “Canselu blocked our account.” As a result, some fans expressed concern, asking if the relationship between Cancelu and Man City had really deteriorated.

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