Road FC Chairman Jung Moon-hong terminates the contract with Lee Jung-hyun, who has won 8 consecutive wins.. Why?

 Chung Moon-hong, chairman of ROAD FC, a representative martial arts group in Korea, had an in-depth conversation with Lee Jung-hyun (21, FREE), who is about to participate in the ROAD TO UFC on his personal YouTube channel, Gao Hyung Life. Divided.

According to Road FC on the 22nd, this player is a martial arts star who has built up his skills step by step in the Road FC Central League and has won 8 consecutive victories on the Road FC pro stage.

However, he left the arms of ROAD FC, where he stayed for 10 years, to participate in ROAD TO UFC. ROAD TO UFC is a competition that provides Asian mixed martial arts prospects the opportunity to advance to the world’s best mixed martial arts organization, UFC.안전놀이터

Although the contract with Lee had not expired, Chairman Chung listened to his opinion and canceled the contract. Lee personally visited Chairman Chung to express his gratitude.

Chairman Chung said, “It is my wish to grow Road FC and make it ‘globalized’”, but also expressed his thoughts, “You guys have become great players, but if there are no more players in Road FC that I can test with, I honestly send them off.” .

He continued, “Since Jung Hyun-yi’s dream has been to become a road FC champion since he was very young, he has more affection than anyone else.”

Currently, Lee is doing his best to prepare for the match to live up to President Chung’s belief.

Player Lee said, “(Kim) Soo-chul hyung, Jeon Moon-hyung, (Park) Si-won, etc., there are many good players in Road FC anyway, so I think he will lead Road FC well.” promised.

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