‘Second Training’ Director Park Choong-gyun “The will to be promoted, I clenched my teeth and endured”

Reporter Park Jae-ho = Seoul E-Land FC is in the middle of the second battery training in preparation for the 2023 season.

Seoul E-Land announced on the 8th that it will begin full-fledged quenching in preparation for the 2023 season in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, by the 18th.

Seoul E-Land FC, which undertook the first field training in Chonburi, Thailand under the slogan of ‘Prove it with hot sweat’, focused on improving the strength and basic physical strength of the team by combining weight training and physical training. 바카라

After successfully completing the first round of training, Seoul E-Land FC is going through the second round of field training to improve organizational skills and practical sense in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do. In addition, as the composition of the team is almost finished, the plan is to find the best combination and prepare for the season.

Head coach Park Choong-gyun said, “Despite the difficult physical training, the team clenched their teeth and endured with the will to promote. It is also positive that almost everyone digested training without major injuries.” We will maximize our organizational power and make it a one-team that can come together.”

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