Seongjun Ahn, 100 wins in the regular league

2022-2023 KB League (Nanga 8R 3G)
Com2Stagem, 3-1 to Celltrion

(Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) As two teams, they had a game that could be said to be the most important this season. Two teams with 7 wins and 5 losses, 20 points and 19 points, 1 point difference in points. They were split into 3rd and 5th place with this negligible point difference.

The place on the leaderboard, which was walking in the fog, changed drastically as a result of one game. In the 16th week of the 2022-2023 KB Kookmin Bank Go League held at the Go TV studio on the evening of the 14th, Com2Stagem defeated Celltrion 3-1 in 3 games (Nanga League 8 round 3 games).안전놀이터

In the two matches facing comrades, the opponents who had the upper hand showed good results. 3rd pick Ahn Guk-hyeon, 9th Dan, won 3 consecutive victories over Shim Jae-ik, 6th Dan, and 2nd pick, Park Geon-ho, 7th Dan, won 4 consecutive wins against Choi Cheol-han, 9th Dan.

Ahn Seong-jun, 9th Dan, who was in charge of the first point, defeated Song Gyu-sang, 6th Dan, and reached the height of 100 wins in the regular season. It is the 16th record of all time to achieve 100 wins. His record is 100 wins, 1 draw and 72 losses, with a win rate of 58.1%. As of this season, they have 8 wins and 6 losses, and their best season record is 12 wins and 3 losses in 2016.

“I’m glad that I’ve been doing well for a long time,” Ahn Seong-jun, 9th dan, said, “Thanks to the sponsors and the fans who love Go, I was able to devote myself to Go for a long time, and I think I have faced such an honor.”

Com2uStygem, who scored 3 points in a match against a fiercely competitive team, jumped to second place in the Nanga League. It is a three-level rise with one additional win. He is also on an upswing of his last four wins in a row. Celltrion fell one notch to fourth place.

On the evening of the 15th, Kicks and Wonik will face each other in an interleague round 6 match. The individual matches are Shin Jin-seo-Lee Young-gu (3:2), Kim Chang-hoon-Kim Eun-ji (1:0), Baek Hyun-woo-Lee Chang-seok (1:0), Park Jin-sol-Kim Chae-young (3:0, opponents in parentheses). Female knights Kim Eun-ji and Kim Chae-young will make their debut in the first division.For the first time in history, the two major leagues run the regular season, with 12 teams playing 16 games each, with the top three teams in each league advancing to the postseason. 3 points for a 4-0 or 3-1 win, 2 points for a 3-2 win and 1 point for a 2-3 loss.

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