SF fans who ‘lost the captain’, “I wanted to be with the player until the end”

 Reporter Yoon-Jun Ko = Brandon Belt, who was a franchise star of the San Francisco Giants, will wear the Toronto Blue Jays uniform from this season.

A number of media outlets, including ‘MLB.com’, reported on the 10th (Korean time) that “Toronto signed a contract with the FA player belt for $9.3 million for a year.” 스포츠토토

Belt played only in a San Francisco uniform from his 2011 debut until last year. He recorded a career batting average of 0.261, 175 homers, 584 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.814, and won one All-Star and two World Series championship rings.

However, last year, he suffered from a chronic knee injury and only played 78 games, dropping to a batting average of 0.213, 8 home runs, and an OPS of 0.676. In the end, San Francisco didn’t offer a good contract, and I left my favorite team.

Many San Francisco fans did not hide their disappointment. He was not officially captain, but he had a ‘C’ mark for captain with insulation tape on his uniform, and actually led the team.

This appearance delighted many San Francisco fans, and was loved so much that there were fans who visited the stadium wearing his nickname ‘Giraffe’ doll clothes.

Many San Francisco fans took to social media to say, “I’m so sad” and “I wanted him to be with this team until his retirement season.” But he seems like it could be a better direction for him. Time to say goodbye”, “He is a player who will go down in San Francisco history”, “He was as essential to the team as Buster Posey. He will be missed.”

Meanwhile, Belt, headed to Toronto, is expected to share first base with Vladimir Guerrero Jr. and also appear as the designated hitter.

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