Short marathon competition, ‘the gateway to Korea’s marathon’, expects the birth of a star

Expectations for the birth of a new star are rising ahead of the start of the ’64th Short Marathon Competition’, which is evaluated as ‘the gateway to the Korean marathon’.

This race, which started in 1960 and boasts a 63-year tradition, starts at 12:50 noon on March 1 at the event site in front of the Gangwon Ilbo in Chuncheon. The shortened marathon event is known as the event where Hwang Yeong-jo, from Samcheok, who won the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, dreamed of winning an Olympic gold medal.

In the men’s general division, 5 players from the Gangwon Provincial Office’s athletics team will participate. They returned home on the 27th after completing the field training in Tokunoshima, Japan. It is expected that the results of the field training will be revealed through this competition. Choi Min-yong, who is expected to raise the record to 2 hours and 11 minutes in this year’s full marathon course, and Kang Sung-yong, who came second in the ’63rd Shortened Marathon Competition last year, are expected to announce the birth of a star. 스포츠토토

In the women’s general division, four players from the Gangneung City Hall athletics team, led by Kim Seong-ho, executive director of the Athletics Association, will compete. Lee Hye-yoon, Kang Ye-jin, Hwang Ye-rin, and Shin Ga-eun are determined to compete in good faith without concessions.

Gangwon marathon dreamers who dream of becoming the ‘second Hwang Yeong-jo’ also run with the special mission of reviving the Gangwon marathon. 12 players from Gangwon Physical Education High School and 5 players from Gangneung Myeongryun High School are divided into boys’ high school divisions A and B, and compete for the honor of the school. In the women’s high school, seven players from Sokcho Girls’ High School are scheduled to have a house fight. Park Woo-rim, who won the Gangwon Station Marathon Women’s Outstanding Athlete Award last year and won two gold medals at the National Sports Festival, is expected to perform well.

In the men’s middle school, Seolon Middle School (5 students), Donghae Middle School (1 student), Cheongah Middle School (2 students), and Yangyang Middle School (5 students) will compete fiercely. In the women’s middle school, where 3 players from Cheonga Middle School and 2 players from Yangyang Middle School participate, a great match is expected to catch the attention of track and field fans.

Choi Seon-geun, president of the Provincial Athletics Federation, who supervises the athletics team, said, “I am grateful to the Gangwon Ilbo for holding the event. said.

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