Snow in the desert and riding a plane to halfway around the globe, is the national team limited? 

 You cannot be free from your team. No matter how much you represent the country, you have no choice but to chase two rabbits. It is the same when looking back at the before-and-after relationship. With his career in his team, he became the national team commander. Even if the national team achieves outstanding results, no one guarantees the life of the coach if the team collapses. As a result, I had to fly overnight twice before the competition and adjust to the time difference twice. This is the story of the Korean national team of the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), which is as disappointing as the result.

In the end, it’s back to square one. I faced skepticism about the full-time supervisor system just a few years ago, but now the problems of the concurrent supervisor system are revealed. It is all the more so when you think of the pitchers who showed the worst pitching at the highest level of international competition. With his balance broken, he repeatedly threw the ball out of the strike zone, and suffered massive loss twice. His pitching was also far from normal. He pitched at an unbelievable level for being a national team player. He seemed less prepared than the pitchers in the KBO League who are currently participating in the demonstration game.메이저사이트

It didn’t just happen. The venue for the competition is Tokyo, Japan, which is two hours away by plane, but preparations were started in Arizona, the United States, on the other side of the world. I expected the best climate, but my condition was messed up due to the abnormal weather. Players whose team had trained in Arizona started training for the national team without time lag, but pitchers from Australia, Guam, Okinawa, and Korea had to adjust time lag. And about 10 days before the competition, I returned to Korea and worked on jet lag again.

In baseball, the side that adapts well wins. Pitchers especially. The desired result comes out when various variables such as the weather, the ball, and the material of the mound are overcome before the match with the batter. There is a clear reason why pitchers go through a month-long preparation process prior to actual matches. However, the national team’s pitchers had to contend with numerous variables prior to the tournament.

It wasn’t that there was no way. If the national team had gathered in Okinawa, Japan, rather than Arizona on February 14, the day of the call, it would have been easier to manage their condition. I was able to spend three weeks in preparation while avoiding jet lag variables. It was not difficult to find an opponent before the evaluation. Samsung trained early in Okinawa, and at the end of February, KIA, Hanwha and SSG headed to Okinawa. On February 16, the national team played its first real match against NC in Arizona. I looked at the game with a sense of pity for NC, who took part in the actual game at an early stage, but the bigger problem was that the pitchers’ condition was not normal.

If coach Kang-Cheol Lee had not concurrently served both the national team and KT, Arizona would not have been the training ground for the national team. In addition to KT, five teams (Kiwoom, LG, KIA, NC, and Hanwha) could have been training in Arizona, but Doosan, Samsung, and Lotte players had to go halfway around the globe every two weeks. There is a clear reason why Kwak Bin, who was in peak condition at the Australian camp, went downhill from the moment he joined the national team.

Since the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, the national team has been operated under a full-time manager system. Although he won the 2015 Premier12 and the 2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games, he failed to advance to the second round of the 2017 WBC and won a no-medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Still, there were no question marks attached to the preparation process.

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) was in trouble after the 2018 Asian Games when the president made a statement denying the full-time manager system. The KBO could not control the childish debates and issues that occurred while taking issue with the player selection process from the outside. As a result, former national team coach Seon Dong-yeol voluntarily resigned even with the gold medal hanging around his neck. In a hurry, coach Kim Kyung-moon took the baton, but took off his uniform due to the failure of the Tokyo Olympics. Afterwards, the concurrent director system was opened, but the result was another failure.It is an unavoidable time to worry before appointing the next national team head coach. In addition, the preparation process for the next international competition needs to be more thorough.

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