‘Son fool’ Beckham, after watching the second son Romeo’s debut, ‘climb over the fence’

After watching his son’s debut match, football star David Beckham jumped over a fence to avoid the crowd and disappeared. 

On the 7th (Korean time), the news that Beckham’s son Romeo officially joined the Brentford 2nd Army was delivered through the Brentford club website.

Brentford said, “Romeo will join the B team (2nd team) for the rest of the season.”

Beckham regretfully expressed his father’s support for his son’s future by accompanying him to his contract. 

Romeo started playing soccer in the Arsenal youth team in 2013 when he was 11 years old, and then debuted as a professional soccer player in 2021 and gathered topics.  바카라

He played in the 2nd team of Inter Miami, where his father Beckham is the owner, and showed decent skills.

Romeo has already been training with the Brentford B team since the season ended last September.

When the transfer process is finalized, he will play for Brentford as a loanee. 

The 21-year-old Romeo isn’t too old for a footballer, so his Brentford stint will likely determine his long-run as a professional. 

Beckham’s love for his son did not stop at accompanying the contract. 

British media The Sun reported on the 10th, “Beckham appeared at the stadium to watch Romeo make his debut in the Brentford 2nd team.” 

The Sun said, “Romeo played in a match against the ninth division of English football. Beckham watched the game in the pouring rain to see his son come on as a second-half substitute.”

“Beckham didn’t seem to like it very much when fans around him asked for selfies and handshakes. After he finished watching his son play, he jumped the fence and climbed out of the stands to escape. It was like Bear Grylls,” Beckham explained after the match. 

The Sun evaluated that although Romeo did not score in the game that day, he played an important role by contributing to the victory of the Brentford 2nd team. 

While father Beckham’s love for his son is highly likely to be revealed in every Brentford 2nd team game, the number of people looking to see Beckham at the Brentford 2nd team stadium is expected to increase. 

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