Son Heung-min, Simeone, or the third team…Lee Kang-in’s happy worries

Lee Kang-in has nothing to be in a hurry with.

It was on the 27th (Korean time) that Lee Kang-in’s transfer to Atletico Madrid was heated. On the 28th (Korean time), reporter Matteo Moreto of Spain’s ‘Lelebo’ said, “Atletico is trying to recruit Lee Kang-in. Atletico manager Diego Simeone confirmed and accepted the contract.” Atletico tried

to recruit Lee Kang-in in the winter transfer market last January. However, Mallorca at the time set a policy that it would never send Lee Kang-in, a key player in the team. It was because the performance could collapse. Atletico also seemed to have no intention of taking Lee Kang-in into the buyout,안전놀이터

but as Lee Kang-in continued to play a big role, Simeone started to move directly. In particular, his great success in the last Atletico expedition ‘Lelebo’ said, “Lee Kang-in revolutionized Mallorca not only purely in individual play, but also in the defense process. Lee Kang-in’s explosive power and sacrificial play played a key role for manager Simeone, who highly appreciated his intensity.”

However, since the transfer has not yet been confirmed, anything can happen until he signs a contract with Atletico. Moreover, the season is not over yet, and in the midst of this, new transfer rumors have additionally appeared.

On the 28th, Spain’s ‘Mundo Deportivo’ said, “Atletico discussed Lee Kang-in’s situation and possible strategies in Madrid, Spain. Premier League (EPL) clubs are Atletico’s main competitors. I am interested,” he said.

It is true that Tottenham also needs a playmaker like Lee Kang-in. Pierre-Emile Hoivier, Yves Bisuma, Rodrigo Bentancur and Oliver Skip are all style players who are adept at fighting midfield. The ability to put sharp forward passes in the midfield and run the game is considered Tottenham’s lacking ability.

Crucially, Tottenham has Son Heung-min. The EPL stage is a completely new place for Lee Kang-in. Adapting to a new country and a new league is not easy. At such times, the presence of a senior who can tell the culture of the team and league is a great strength.

Even if it is not Tottenham, Lee Kang-in has many options. Many clubs such as Brighton, Wolverhampton, Newcastle, Aston Villa, and Burnley are paying attention to Kang-in Lee. As the competition intensifies, it is the players who have the advantage in negotiations. Lee Kang-in is in a happy state of mind.

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