SON ‘Including free kick’ multi-goal… Tottenham fans “I can’t believe Kane is trying to get FK”

 “Never again will Harry Kane take a free kick!”

Heung-Min Son (31, Tottenham Hotspur) started on the 24th (Korean time) in the first match of the Korean national soccer team’s March A-match against Colombia held at Munsu Stadium in Ulsan and scored multiple goals.

Son Heung-min scored the opening goal in the 10th minute of the first half, shaking the net with an accurate left-footed shot while the goalkeeper was clearing the goal.

Son Heung-min, who scored his 36th goal in A-match, was not satisfied with just one goal. In the free kick situation in the first half of extra time, Son Heung-min scored multiple goals with a sharp right-footed free kick.

South Korea conceded two goals in the second half and ended up drawing unfortunately, but Son Heung-min’s performance on the day was enough to enthuse Tottenham fans abroad, including domestic soccer fans.

Particularly, some fans shouted at Tottenham striker Harry Kane after seeing Son Heung-min scoring multiple goals, including scoring from a free kick.메이저사이트

The soul partner of Son Heung-min and the legendary Kane, who scored 271 goals in Tottenham alone, is a recognized world-class striker, but is well known for his weak free kick.

Statistical media ‘Opta’ explained in January, “Kane has attempted 56 free kicks in 312 Premier League matches so far, but scored only one goal.” To find Kane’s last free-kick score, you have to go all the way back to November 2014.

On the other hand, Son Heung-min has been showing off his sharp free kick skills in the national team for the past year. Including Colombia, he scored free kick goals in Chile and Paraguay in June last year and Costa Rica in September.

Until last season, Tottenham’s free kick kicker was Kane, but when Son Heung-min shook the net several times with free kicks, this season the two players take turns kicking free kicks according to the situation, but some fans did not allow Kane to kick the free kick itself.

Fans say, “I still can’t believe Kane is about to take a free kick and Son Heung-min concedes for his record”, “Kane must never take a free kick again”, “Kane’s contract says he should probably take a free kick.” There will be a secrecy clause,” he said in a voice mixed with dissatisfaction.

Meanwhile, some fans also pointed arrows at Tottenham manager Antonio Conte. Son Heung-min, who was the top scorer in the Premier League last season, is showing a sluggish performance this season with only six goals in the league.

When Son Heung-min, who is having trouble scoring goals, scored two goals as soon as he joined the national team, fans pointed to Conte as the cause of Son Heung-min’s sluggishness.

These are “The effect of falling away from Conte on Son Heung-min”, “Coach Conte succeeded in incapacitating Son Heung-min, who is now 31 years old”, “The most impressive thing about Conte’s tenure is that he messed up last season’s top scorer.” Conte was criticized and ridiculed.

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