Taiwan remembers Lee Jong-bum as “a scary stolen base king with a long bat”

Recently, 16-year veteran Wang Sheng-wei (39, Fubang Guardians) has been the center of attention in the Taiwanese professional baseball CPBL. He has 231 career stolen bases, tied for third all-time.

“The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) is the most comparable professional baseball league to the CPBL,” said Taiwanese sports media outlet Windungsze on Sept. 9, recapping the career of Lee Jong-beom (53-LG Twins Coach) as “the invincible stolen base king, dubbed the ‘Son of the Wind’ who stole 84 times in a single season”.

“Lee Jong-bum is familiar in Taiwan. Nowadays, baseball fans also recognize the handsome Lee Chung-hoo (25-Keum Heroes) and the world’s first ‘father-son batting title and regular season MVP’ award.”

Lee Jong-beom won the award in 1994 and Lee Jung-hoo won the award for best player and batting average in the KBO pennant race in 2022. “Even for old fans of Taiwanese baseball, Lee Jong-bum is interesting for his achievements, not necessarily Lee Chung-hoo,” explained ‘Windungsze’.

“As a father, it’s hard to know what Lee Jung-hoo was like in Taiwan, but Lee Jong-beom was really scary,” he recalled. “He was named MVP of the 1993 Korean Series in his first year in the KBO, and in his second year, he dominated the KBO as if it were his own backyard,” he said, noting the 1994 season.

“He was very quick, like a flash of lightning or a flint fire. He made full use of his mobility and (blind) surprise to rapidly crush his opponent’s will to resist,” summarized Lee Jong-bum in 1994.

In addition to his 84 stolen bases, still the most in Korean professional baseball history 29 years ago, and the aforementioned MVP and batting titles, Lee Jong-bum also led the league in hits and slugging percentage, “Windungsje” had the ability to hit for extra bases as well as long balls. In 1997, he was the only player in the world to accomplish the feat of 30 home runs and 60 doubles.”메이저놀이터

Wang Sheng-wei is also a legendary CPBL player, including four-time stolen base champion, nine-time Gold Glove winner, and three-time Best 10 player. His exemplary self-management is also impressive, as he was reinstated to Taiwanese professional baseball in 2022 at the age of 38 and will play shortstop in the 2023 season at the age of 39.

However, compared to Wang’s other accumulated records, such as 1341 hits and 558 RBIs in 1431 games, his career home run total of 57 is far from one. That’s probably why “Yundongsze” emphasized Lee’s punching power.

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