The 6.5 billion catcher who knows the amount of salt well, what advice did he give to his LG colleagues? “Don’t lie, be honest”

“Don’t try to cheat, be honest.”

In 2023, catcher Park Dong-won (33) became a new member of the LG Twins. After the end of the 2022 season, he left the KIA Tigers and wore LG’s uniform on the condition that he receive a total of 6.5 billion won over 4 years (a contract payment of 2 billion won and a total annual salary of 4.5 billion won over 4 years).

Park Dong-won participated in 123 games this season and recorded a batting average of 0.242, 18 home runs, 57 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.771. He is one of the league’s top catchers with a batting average of .256, 114 home runs, 735 hits, and 464 RBIs in 1,026 KBO games.

Park Dong-won participated in the 2023 LG Athletes New Year’s ceremony held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 4th and wore an LG uniform to the first official event.

He took the microphone on behalf of new players such as Kim Yoo-young and Yun Ho-sol. Park Dong-won said, “I am happy to be able to play baseball with such good players. I will do my best to help the team.”

After the New Year’s ceremony, I met and talked with Park Dong-won. Park Dong-won said, “I am excited. I have the excitement of wanting to go to the spring camp as soon as possible and wear a uniform with the players. After signing the contract, I tried on the uniform at home alone. After wearing it, I thought I wanted to go to the ground faster.”

How does it feel to wear a glossy jacket, the symbol of LG? He said, “Here, whenever there is an event, he wears this. Before that, when we were in the team, each of us wore what we wanted to wear, but here, as a rule, we wear glossy jackets. I thought this was the rule,” he laughed. 스포츠토토

After being traded from Kiwoom Heroes to KIA last season, he moved to LG in less than a year. He’s worn three teams’ jerseys in one year.

Park Dong-won said, “Actually, I feel very sorry for the KIA pitchers. I didn’t have enough time to get to know you. If I had known sooner, I would have done better. I was lacking and so it was a pity. Even at the end of the year, when juniors contacted me, they said they were sorry.”

That is why the spring camp to be held in February is important. As it is the first time to work with LG pitchers, it is necessary to know what kind of pitchers they are.

He said, “I tried to know what kind of pitchers the pitchers were while playing catch at KIA. He seems to need time while catching the ball,” he said. “Again, baseball has improved these days. I think it’s important to approach someone when their heart is open. Gangnam also said that there are many good pitchers in LG.”

“I have to catch Go Woo-seok’s ball, but I am nervous. From the point of view of hitting, it was really fast. Now you have to catch the ball. I am worried, but I will prepare well.”

He reunited with director Yeom Kyung-yeop. From 2013 to 2016, director Park Dong-won and Yeom Kyung-yeop ate together in Heroes. Park Dong-won grew up through rigorous training under coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop.

Park Dong-won said, “The director told me to prepare well. I know the director’s tendencies. He has a lot to prepare for. He needs to prepare well so that he can speak confidently when the director asks.”

He added, “The director is meticulous. He shouldn’t even think about hiding it. You never know when and where the director will appear. He cares about the players. He laughed, saying, “I have to train honestly, not to cheat.”

Now running for the Twins. what is his goal

Finally, Park Dong-won said, “He has never won a championship while still in the pro. I hope LG will win the championship for the first time in 29 years. I want to win many victories in the games I played in.”