“The bench member talks like a starting player” James, flopping ‘snipe’, ‘counterattack’ to Michael Green

The Los Angeles Lakers vs. Golden State Western Conference semifinal series was noisy throughout the flopping dispute.

The opening was opened by Golden State manager Steve Kerr. He complained that Lakers players cheated the referee by flopping and got a lot of free throws.

In response, Lakers coach Davin Ham countered, “We don’t practice flopping.”

Lebron James also helped by saying, “I’ve never flopped in my 20-year career.”

Then Michael Green of Golden State posted a composite photo of James with a blue cap on his head. It meant ‘don’t lie’.

This angered James. He wrote some of the lyrics on his Instagram, “No. Bench members talk like starters. We started from the bottom and came this far. We did it.”

I didn’t name it, but it was clear that it was aimed at Green. It was a warning to ‘don’t speak carelessly’.
Green is a bench member.메이저사이트

In response, some American media outlets sided with James.

They scolded Greene for touching the nose hair of a sleeping lion.

They pointed out that “Green should have learned a lesson from Brooks’ example,” citing the fact that Memphis Grizzlies’ Dylan Brooks scolded James for taunting him for being “old”.

Flopping is the so-called ‘Hollywood action’ in soccer. It is an act of deceiving the eyes of the referee and making gestures as if they were fouled.

As coach Kerr pointed out, there were not a few scenes that could be seen as flopping in the Lakers vs. Golden State game.

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