The competition is back after 3 years… Kim Jin-tae, Heo Young, Noh Yong-ho, mayors and county heads run together

The heat is heating up as a large number of heads of organizations and organizations in Gangwon-do decided to participate in the ‘3.1 Commemoration City and County People’s Run’, which returned after 3 years.

Gangwon-do Governor Kim Jin-tae, Chuncheon City Mayor Yuk Dong-han, Choi Myeong-seo, Yeongwol-gun Governor Choi Seung-joon, participated in the ’24th Municipal Health Running Competition with High1 Resort’ hosted by Gangwon Ilbo on March 1st in 18 cities and counties in the province. Local government heads such as Jeongseon-gun and Yangyang-gun and Kim Jin-ha play directly in each region. 스포츠토토

In particular, Governor Kim Jin-tae, who received the application for the 10 km course, completed the 10 km in 1 hour and 6 minutes at the ’19th Chuncheon Lakeside Marathon’ held in July last year, recording the full marathon course Sub 4 (Sub 4, within 4 hours) He is a self-proclaimed running maniac. Governor Kim is determined to advance last year’s record in this Section 3.1 run. At the Gangwon Provincial Office, about 150 employees challenge to complete the race, wishing for the successful launch of Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province.

In Chuncheon, Democratic Party member Heo Young (Chun Cheon-gap) and People’s Power member Noh Yong-ho (Balyu) will compete in the 5km race side by side. Both lawmakers are in a position to lead the successful launch of Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province while breathing together with citizens. Kangwon National University President Heon-Young Kim also decided to compete in the 5km race, drawing attention.

In the business world, Kim Yong-wook, head of the Gangwon Headquarters of the National Agricultural Cooperative Federation (10km), Go Myung-hwan, head of the Gangwon Headquarters of NH Nonghyup Bank (5km), and Nam Mi-young, president of the Korea Women Entrepreneurs Association (5km), will participate.

In addition, Kim Hee-chul, Park Gwan-hee, Park Ki-young, Lee Moo-cheol, Lim Mi-seon, provincial councilors, Jeongseon-gun chief Jeon Yeong-ki, Chuncheon city council vice-chairman Kwon Ju-sang, Jeong Gyeong-ok, Kim Bo-gan, Lee Hee-ja, and Chuncheon city council members Kim Un-gi decided to complete the 5km race feeling the energy of spring.

Ki Yeon-ok, head of the Chuncheon Council of Women’s Organizations, Choi Chan-hee, president of the Gangwon Future Women’s Forum, Yoon Seung-ki, provincial health and sports director, Kim Mi-sook, secretary general of the Provincial Sports Association for the Disabled, and Lim Chan-woo, director of planning and administration of Chuncheon City, all made plans to complete the event and were ready to compete.

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