The NBA, where you step on and kick with your feet, is a ‘mess’…’Dirty play’ worse than Embiid and Green

The NBA is becoming a mess.

Draymond (Golden State Warriors), the ‘bad kid on the court’, stepped on the stomach of a fallen opponent. The referee immediately ejected Green.

Following this, the NBA Secretariat issued a one-game suspension to Green.안전놀이터

The Philadelphia 76ers vs. Brooklyn Nets game was held on the 21st (Korean time).

Philadelphia’s Joel Embiid kicked Claxton in the groin with his right foot after he fell while defending Brooklyn center Nin Claxton, who completed an alley-oop dunk. Fortunately, the severity was not severe and Claxton was not injured.

However, the referee did not issue an ejection order to Embiid and gave Brooklyn two free throws and the right to attack.

In response, the American media outlets denounced Embiid’s actions as unsportsmanlike play that was even more serious than Green’s.

Meanwhile, Philadelphia defeated Brooklyn 102-96 on the day and won three games in a row.

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