‘The number one is Arsenal, Levi out!’… Anger from Tottenham fans

On the 16th, Tottenham and Arsenal will play a Premier League match at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Arsenal are in first place with 44 points. And it is a confrontation with Tottenham, who are in 5th place with 33 points. This match is the ‘North London Derby’, one of the Premier League’s biggest rivalries.

Tottenham fans are uniting ahead of this match. And they are voicing one voice. “Levy out!” he said.

Tottenham fans are currently full of strong anger towards Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy. Britain’s ‘inews’ introduced the anger of Tottenham fans on the 14th 스포츠토토.

The media said, “Tottenham fans complained about the club’s direction. Last summer, Tottenham was happy. They advanced to the Champions League, enjoyed the new stadium with fans, and invested heavily in the squad, such as signing Richarlison. Harry Kane was happy, Son Heung-min was happy, Antonio Conte was happy, the fans were happy, but over the last few months, the intensity of dissatisfaction has started to grow.”

“The performance was unstable, Conte was nervous. The fans are also nervous. The chants of ‘Levy out!’ It has been going on for a long time. There is a lot of dissatisfaction related to the team without a championship and the lack of investment. The responsibility for this ultimately lies with the club,” he added.

In response, the president of Tottenham Supporters opened his mouth. He said, “There is a big gap between what coach Conte is saying and what the club is saying. It’s time to ask and answer questions about the direction, such as issues related to future investment. Recently, a supporter sent a letter to the Tottenham board of directors with our questions. It includes goals, philosophy, investment strategy, etc. Tottenham said they would respond after the winter transfer window is over.”

In addition, many Tottenham fans are even more angry at the club as Arsenal run first. Because it is absolutely unacceptable for Arsenal to do well.

Many Tottenham fans argued that the reason Tottenham couldn’t keep up with Arsenal was that “Manager Mikel Arteta has the financial backing to envision a team that fits his convictions, but Conte doesn’t.” The media predicted that this voice would grow even louder after the ‘North London Derby’.

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