The only winning foreign coach to return to Asia… Is a KBO Return Possible?

 Trey Hillman, former SK coach, is the owner of a very unique career. He has worked as a manager in Japan, the United States, and Korea, and has the only achievement in leading the team to victory in Japan and Korea. On the one hand, it remains a rare case of not renewing a contract immediately after winning.

Coach Hillman took the SK baton in 2017, and left behind the achievement of winning the Korean Series following second place in the regular season in 2018. SK, of course, offered Manager Hillman a renewal of the contract early. However, director Hillman respectfully declined personal concerns, such as his parents’ illness, and left Korea as scheduled after the Korean series ended.

Although there have been various rumors, it is clear that the biggest reason Hillman returned to the United States was because of personal problems. Director Hillman also asked for a press conference and hoped there would be no unnecessary misunderstandings. 온라인카지노

Afterwards, Hillman coached Miami and continued his activities steadily, including working at the Los Angeles Angels front desk. It is reported that he also filled the terms of his major league pension as a manager. And ahead of this season, he was hired as a consultant for Nippon Ham, which he managed from 2003 to 2007.

Coach Hillman participates in the spring camp to pass on know-how to the squad and front desk, as well as assist in the search for foreign players and take on various duties such as consulting with coaches. He is also expected to serve as a bridge between foreign players and the club.

If so, could Hillman’s latest contract serve as an opportunity to reopen the possibility of a coaching career in Asia? It might happen someday, but the general observation is that it won’t be for the time being.

An official who is familiar with the situation said, “I signed a contract with Nippon Ham, but basically it is not a long stay in Japan. I will be with the team at some times, such as during the spring camp, but I know that I will return to the United States.” He explains that the circumstances of having to reside in the United States still remain.

When Hillman left for the United States, he did not close the door to his future leadership career in Korea. However, he is expected to be difficult until his personal problems are resolved. I don’t know when that time will be. However, if the opportunity arises someday, it is clear that it is an attractive leader resource.

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