The recruiting list of the rich club is different… Only 3 people with ‘100 billion’ or more

The ransoms of the players on Chelsea’s recruitment list are considerable.

Chelsea are trying to focus on signing a central midfielder. We are negotiating a new contract with N’Golo Kante, but it is unclear whether or not the contract will be renewed, and even if the contract is renewed, there is no guarantee that Kante, returning from injury, will show the same performance as before. The fact that Jorginho’s contract is ending soon also had an impact. Chelsea want to fill the midfield with young and capable players. It seems that they will recruit midfielders in the winter at the earliest and in the summer at the latest.

Chelsea’s wish list has been revealed. Just by looking at their names, you can tell that they are expensive players. England’s ‘Daily Mail’ explained that Chelsea have included Enzo Fernandez, Moeses Caicedo, Declan Rice, Alexis McAllister and Jude Bellingham in their transfer list. 스포츠토토

Fernandez is a player that has been in contact until recently. European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said that Chelsea and Fernandez had reached an individual agreement, but the signing was canceled due to lack of progress in negotiations between the clubs. SL Benfica manager Roger Schmidt was furious with Chelsea’s move to sign Fernandes.

Caicedo, Rice, and Mac Allister are currently famous players in the Premier League (EPL). In particular, Chelsea showed great interest in Rice among them, but could not recruit him because West Ham United called for a high ransom. However, as Rice expressed his will to play on a high-level stage like the UEFA Champions League (UCL) last month, the possibility of being recruited may increase depending on the situation.

Caicedo and Mac Allister are key resources for Brighton. Chelsea will have to convince the players as well as Brighton to sign the two players. Bellingham is evaluated as a player who will run the summer transfer market. He has already proven his worth in numerous matches and is currently attracting keen interest from Real Madrid and Liverpool. A tough recruiting battle is expected.

Among the players included in the transfer list, Fernandez, Rice and Bellingham had a price tag of more than £100m (approximately 151.3 billion). Chelsea, which is proceeding with the recruitment with financial power after the inauguration of the owner Todd Boelli, does not pay much attention to the price and puts players in the shopping cart.

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