‘The tallest man’ Moon Jun-hyeok of Songrimcho, “I want to be 190cm”

“(This year) I want to be 190cm tall (laughs). Because being tall makes it easier to play behind the basket.”

Songlimcho, Incheon, won 45-34 against Hamdeokcho in Group D preliminary round of the 22nd Korea Basketball Association National Elementary School Basketball Tournament held at Gimcheon Gymnasium on the 19th, winning two consecutive victories. In the subsequent game, Myeongjincho also defeated Incheon Ansancho and recorded two wins. Songrimcho and Myeongjincho in Incheon will advance to the final tournament, and the final match between the two teams will determine the first place in the group.

Mun Jun-hyeok (183cm, C), who guards Incheon Songrimcho’s goal, scored 20-20 with 26 points and 20 rebounds in the first match against Incheon Ansancho. However, on this day, he struggled against Ham Deok-cho’s defense and scored 9 points and 13 rebounds, performing poorly compared to the first game.토토사이트

Jun-hyeok Moon, the tallest new player in the tournament along with Song Jeong-cho and Jeong Baek-ho (183cm, C), said after winning that day, “I started playing basketball in 2021 at the recommendation of his father, who coaches Taekwondo. It seems like he ordered it because he is tall,” he said. “It is difficult, but it is very fun. When the atmosphere is not good, it’s hard to work with my colleagues, but if we work hard together, we get good grades, so that’s fun.”

The height itself, which can be seen from the tallest man, is Moon Jun-hyeok’s greatest weapon.

Moon Jun-hyeok said, “I’m tall, so I can play under the goal well, but I still have a feeling that I’m lacking. he works hard now I will work harder in the future so that Kira can take advantage of his strengths.” When I catch the ball, I make a lot of mistakes, so I have to work hard on this part too,” he explained his lacking part.

Incheon Songlimcho has another player over 180cm tall. Moon Jun-hyeok plays a lot as a twin tower with Bae Han-yul (181cm, C).

Moon Jun-hyuk said, “When I play with Bae Han-yul, I take my place at the high post and let Han-yul go into the low post. He said, “When I catch the ball, Hanyul straightens the spot so it’s easy to put in a pass.”

In the final result of the day, they won with a double-digit score difference, but struggled until the third quarter. In the third quarter, when the score was tied at 20-20, Incheon Songrimcho scored 11 consecutive points and seized the victory.

Moon Jun-hyeok said, “We couldn’t come to our senses in the first half. “I think it was because I didn’t listen to the teacher’s instructions,” he said.

When asked about his goal for the future, Junhyeok Moon said, “I want to become a player who puts in a lot of effort even though I am lacking right now.” “(This year) I want to be 190cm tall (laughs). This is because it is easier to play under the basket if you are taller. Realistically, it is difficult for us to win, and we aim for the semifinals in this tournament.”

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