The Technical Committee, which had a heated debate over the selection of Ahn Woo-jin… The real core is different

 The story of An Woo-jin came out again. consequential meaningless discussion. The team didn’t know either.

The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has been preparing for the WBC (World Baseball Classic) for a long time. It was less than a month when the players were summoned and started training, but the KBO’s preparation period was more than six months. The national team technical committee also moved early. It started with not only checking key players in the KBO League, but also talking with players who could join among Korean major leaguers.

With the appointment of former technical chairman Yeom Gyeong-yeop as the LG Twins manager, there was a change in which former manager Cho Beom-hyun took over as technical chairman in the middle, but the basic tone was basically maintained. Best power concept for WBC. He also maintained close communication with director Lee Kang-cheol.메이저사이트

After receiving the shocking report card that the national team was eliminated in the first round of the WBC, the story of An Woo-jin comes up again. It is a pitcher that has been a hot topic since the announcement of the national team entry. The pitcher who has the best skills in the league at the moment that everyone acknowledges. However, he was caught in the past discipline and was unable to wear the Taegeuk mark. An Woo-jin also had a wish for the WBC and the national team, but it was not a matter he could decide on his own.

Even within the technical committee, there was a heated debate regarding the selection of Ahn Woo-jin from the time the players were formed. When the primary list was selected based only on the players’ current skills, An Woo-jin’s name was included. It was not the job of technical committee members to add and remove players due to controversies outside of baseball. Once all the good players are gathered, the final decision is made by the decision maker. Chairman Cho Beom-hyun and director Lee Kang-cheol also had an in-depth conversation about whether to select Ahn Woo-jin. Both the chairman and the coach concluded that it was better to make a good choice for the overall atmosphere of the national team, rather than avoiding responsibility. In particular, coach Lee Kang-cheol, who had to command the team, was adamant.

If Ahn Woo-jin is selected for the national team, all the national team spotlights will be directed to him even if he does not want to. Maybe he was like that throughout the tournament. The gaze of the media that persistently pursues Ahn Woo-jin will not be free, and because of the attention that is focused on the wrong place, the wrong spark may fly through the whole team. There have been similar scenes in the past. I have seen what happens to the national team when one or two players who have had ‘selection controversy’ or ‘attitude controversy’ are under intense fire.

Now that the results are not good, there is another story about An Woo-jin, but that is not the real point. An Woo-jin is a good pitcher, but the results may have changed because he joined, but the fundamental problem we saw at the WBC was throughout the national team.

Everyone has to admit that the first golden era of the Korean baseball team is over. It’s not a matter of one or two pitchers’ abilities, but they haven’t been able to develop an ace level pitching team, and there are many points missed in running the national team. In recent years, there has been a first hurdle for the national team to improve, such as the controversy over the full-time coach system, controversy over player selection, and sluggishness in international competitions. I felt desperately that more systematic preparations were needed, such as the selection of the national team, the training process, and the appointment plan.

Whether a player was selected or not is absolutely not the most important point right now.

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