There are many teams aiming for the ‘Irving Drama’ that has just been uploaded…

There is no quiet day. Again, Kyrie Irving (31, 188cm) came forward.

Irving requested a trade from his team, the Brooklyn Nets. Irving, who will become a free agent after the end of this season, has been negotiating a contract extension with Brooklyn.

There was a big difference between the two sides. Irving wanted a maximum contract close to 200 million dollars (about 250 billion won) for 4 years.

Brooklyn wanted to put several options on the contract. If you look at Irving’s skills, the maximum is worth it. However, in the meantime, he has been in trouble outside of the game.

Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics to Brooklyn. Every team he went through broke the atmosphere. The risk was too great to blindly accept a large contract.

Heartbroken, Irving demanded a trade on the 3rd 카지노사이트. Brooklyn is also trying to trade Irving if the card is right. If this continues, we will have to watch Irving leave without any income after the season ends.

First of all, Irving’s market value went down significantly. He was even punished by the club this season for defending an anti-Semitic film. In his last season, he missed many games due to not being vaccinated against Corona 19.

Even before that, he had been criticized for his incomprehensible interviews and actions. There are also several trade requests. It has been confirmed many times that the club has no control at all. Also, Irving always didn’t end well with his team.

The local atmosphere in the U.S. is that no team can hand over the level of contract that Irving wants. However, fierce battles are in full swing between the teams aiming for the championship. There is also a view that gamble is worthwhile even if you take a huge risk. That’s why Irving’s skills are so great.

This season, Irving is averaging 27.1 points, 5.1 rebounds, 5.3 assists, 1 steal and 3-point success rate of 37.4%. When it comes to offense, it’s hard to find a player like Irving. He can break the opponent’s defense with only 1-on-1. If he had only focused on basketball, Irving’s calling would have been his salary.

The Phoenix Suns, Los Angeles Lakers, and Dallas Mavericks are counting on the Irving trade. All three teams are aiming to win the finals this season, but their current results are disparate. With the recruitment of Irving, I was worried about whether I should throw the number of wins.

However, all three teams have no intention of bringing Irving in unless it is a minimal bleed. Irving’s credibility in the league is at rock bottom, and he knows all too well that it is Brooklyn who is in a hurry after all.

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