There was no vacancy for Choi Jun-yong. Heo Il-young and Oh Jae-hyeon are very active. SK Unexpectedly Completed 91-82 KT. System differences caused an anomaly.

There was no gap for Choi Jun-yong. Seoul SK Knights defeated Suwon KT Sonic Boom.

On the 14th, in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball regular league home game held at Jamsil Student Gymnasium in Seoul, SK defeated Choi Jun-yong with Oh Jae-hyun (22 points) and Heo Il-young (16 points), filling KT well with a score of 91-82.

SK, which recorded 24 wins and 17 losses, climbed to 3rd place with Hyundai Mobis, and KT ranked 7th with 18 wins and 24 losses.

▶ In the first half

of SK, Choi Jun-yong missed again. It’s an injury. Before the game, KT coach Seo Dong-cheol said, “Choi Jun-yong’s absence is objectively a good thing for our team. I paid a lot of attention to how to block the 2-2 attack between Kim Seon-hyung and Jamil Warney and Warney’s scoring ability.”

SK coach Jeon Hee-cheol spoke in more detail. He said, “Yang Hong-seok and Ha Yun-ki are the key men. Ha Yun-ki scores by eating. It seems that it will not be easily controlled. Yang Hong-seok’s 2-on-2 attack blocking is important. If Yang Hong-seok is blocked, something will show the way.”

KT paid attention to Warney’s blockade. I used a strong double team. However, SK punished with 3 points.

Yang Hong-seok enjoys breaking through to the right. For this reason, the SK defenders chose a defense that opened up the left side. By the way, Yang Hong-seok succeeded in a clean left drive-in. However, KT’s early field goal rate was not good.

SK grabbed the rebound and made a strong transition. This part worked. Oh Jae-Hyun’s 3-store 2 room overlapped, 20-13, SK’s lead. At this time, KT’s quick attack came out. After Yang Hong-seok hit the ball, he passed it to Ha Yoon-gi under the goal. Ha Yun-ki put on a fake once and then took a shot under the goal lightly in front of Warney. One-two-punch Yang Hong-seok and Ha Yoon-ki’s talent and power of height that led KT this season were evident. However, KT’s 7 3-point shots in the 1st quarter all missed the rim.

On the other hand, in the first quarter, SK’s Oh Jae-hyeon’s three unexpected 3-point shots exploded. In the end, contrary to expectations, the first quarter ended with 22-17, SK’s 5-point lead.

Even in the second quarter, KT was frustrated. Yang Hong-seok’s corner 3 store missed. For SK, Heo Il-young scored on a footback after an offensive rebound. After that, he succeeded in a neat mid jumper with a partial pattern.

In KT, Ha Yoon-ki and Choi Seong-mo were stealing from SK’s ‘handling’ with a simple attack. After Heo Il-young received the screen, he fired 3 runs. ‘Complete the 4-point play’ with a foul free throw. Operation time of KT.

Second unit fight. KT Lee Doo-won completed a basket count and 3-point play against SK Seon Sang-hyuk. However, SK did not allow KT to pursue the flow. Heo Il-young successfully landed a mid-jumper again. A loophole was revealed in KT’s 2:2 defense against Heo Il-young. KT’s operation time again. KT veteran Kim Dong-wook seemed to change his mood with his special mid-jumper. However, this time, a hole in KT’s defense. Momentarily, the positions of Prosper and Lee Doo-won overlapped, and Choi Seong-won’s open 3 store exploded. There was even a defensive foul by Lee Doo-won. SK came up with a second unit to save the stamina of the main players, but it held up well. Rather, it widened the lead width.

KT chased after Jones with 3 stepbacks. Then SK quickly timed out. The main ones were put in. There were 4 minutes and 19 seconds left in the second quarter.

KT’s perimeter attack was not smooth. Concentrate on attacking with Ha Yoon-ki and Jones’ double post. However, the attack flow was not smooth. SK was the same, but the lead was not lost, such as Kim Seon-hyung’s quick attack by Warney’s steal.

Reverse layup by SK Warney’s offensive rebound. KT’s Yang Hong-seok’s pass allowed Jones to score 3 points, and Kim Sun-hyung scored from a floater. Then, KT shot Jones again from under the goal.

Kim Seon-hyung finished the first half. A floater with an exquisite split dribble. In the end, 49-41, SK’s lead by 8 points.

KT had no outer guns other than Jones. On the other hand, in SK, Oh Jae-hyun in the 1st quarter and Heo Il-young in the 2nd quarter took the lead with great success. There was no gap for Choi Jun-yong in the first half.

At the beginning of the 3rd quarter of the second half, Kim Seon-hyeong intercepted a single fast attack. KT tried Kim Dong-wook’s 3-point shot. Oh Jae-hyun’s defense was excessive. The defense, which was fine with the contest, committed a 3-point free throw while attempting a block. Kim Dong-wook did not miss a free throw.

KT missed the flow at every juncture. Jung Sung-woo’s early offense layup shot went around the rim. Immediately, SK punished Kim Seon-hyung with a quick attack. A successful free throw. Maintained a 10-point lead.

After Jones’ 3-pointer missed, Oh Jae-hyeon’s layup shot by Kim Seon-hyeong’s fast break. KT failed to properly respond to SK’s transition. The organized defense collapsed, and there was a lack of concentration at the moment.

Lord’s high-lo pass was stolen. This time, after Kim Seon-hyung hit and entered, Heo Il-young opened 3 stores. It went through the rim cleanly. 먹튀검증

The score gap widened rapidly. 64-48, 16 points behind. KT seldom found a way to attack. The third quarter ended 76-60.

SK perfectly seized the win. KT had a last chance to chase at the beginning of the 4th quarter. The difference was whether KT narrowed the gap to 10 points or whether SK widened it to 20 points.

KT’s attack was frustrating. An inaccurate field goal came out, and SK retaliated with transitions and set offenses with high probability. In the end, with 7 minutes and 6 seconds left in the 4th quarter, Kim Seon-hyung’s steal and fast-paced 2-point layup shot. 83-62, 21 points behind.

In fact, it was the moment that decided victory or defeat.

It was a match where SK seemed to be at a disadvantage due to the absence of Choi Jun-yong. However, SK’s preparations were thorough. By subdividing KT’s attack, Yang Hong-seok’s 2v2 was switch defense, and the rest of the attacks were effectively blocked 1v1, controlling KT’s attack.

In addition, a system that controls the height of KT with speed is installed with a powerful transition. Oh Jae-hyun and Heo Il-young’s surprise performances were also impressive. However, the performance of the two players was not simply a big success based on individual abilities, but a KT defense strategy that came out of a tightly tailored organizational system. On the other hand, KT’s attack concentration fell at each critical moment in the first half. There was also a feeling of being suppressed by the active power of the SK defense. In the end, SK won an unexpected complete victory. It was the difference between the two teams’ organizational and tactical capabilities.

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