Two months since leaving Bento… ‘Finding a successor’ is not easy

It’s been two months since coach Bento left, but the outline of the next head coach of the national soccer team is still in the fog. We need to pick the right person at the right time, but the situation doesn’t seem so easy.

This is Reporter Lee Jeong-chan.

<Reporter> When

the Korea Football Association selected coach Bento five years ago and coach Stielike nine years ago, it disclosed its mid-term progress and future plans ahead of the start of full-scale negotiations.

[Kim Pan-gon/Chief of the Director’s Seniority Committee at the time of 2018: What kind of philosophy will the director be selected? We have set standards. Today.]

[Lee Yong-soo/Chief of Technical Committee at the time of 2014: I wish I had experience of reaching the round of 16 or higher in the World Cup finals.]

However, this time, the entire process is being conducted as ‘private’ without specifying the ‘seniority criteria’.

It is interpreted that the negotiation process with candidates is not easy compared to the past in an atmosphere where the recruitment of foreign leaders is a fait accompli. 먹튀검증

The most realistic issue is budget.

While the level of fans and players has increased,

[Hwang In-beom/Soccer national team midfielder: I think the standard will be higher, but I hope that such a wonderful person who the players can trust the coach will come.] In

the aftermath of Corona, Cheonan soccer The dramatic increase in the cost of building the center thinned the association’s wallet.

Taking the Qatar World Cup round of 16 command towers as an example, the average annual salary is around 2.5 billion won, which is about 800 million won higher than Bento’s estimate, and if you have your own division of coaching staff like Bento, the cost will increase even more.

Right now, two A matches will be held next month, and I am more worried than expecting that I will be able to pick a successor within February that the association announced.

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