“We played an embarrassing game,” sighs Sungkyunkwan University coach Kim Sang-jun after victory

Sungkyunkwan University overcomes a late charge to earn its seventh win of the season.

Sungkyunkwan University won 75-65 against Myongji University in the 2023 KUSF U-League at Myongji University’s Natural Campus Gymnasium on Wednesday.

Sungkyunkwan struggled with the height of its opponent in the first quarter and fell behind 21-26, but in the second quarter, the quick offense of guards Park Jong-ha, Lee Hyun-ho, and Jeong Bae-kwon came to life. Sungkyunkwan University then struggled with the opponent’s intense pursuit at the end of the fourth quarter, but ace Jong-ha Park scored four consecutive points to secure the team’s seventh win of the season.

Sungkyunkwan head coach Kim Sang-jun said, “We played an embarrassing game. It was a game we could have won by more than 20 points if it had ended normally. The opponent’s big man fouled out with five fouls, and the players were excited and made mistakes, resulting in a disappointing finish.”

Despite the disappointment, there were some bright spots. First-year Won Jun-seok led the way with 16 points and eight rebounds, while Noh Wan-ju was a force under the basket with seven points and 20 rebounds.

Coach Kim said, “This is the second game that Won Jun-seok has played in a full game. He had some balance issues, but he still did a good job. Noh Wan-ju grabbed the rebounds and we were able to maintain the score. We were missing Kim Yoon-seong, but Noh Wan-ju did a good job,” said the coach.안전놀이터

Meanwhile, with the win, Sungkyunkwan University crossed the threshold into the ninth division of the playoffs. Their last game is on the 16th against Hanyang University.

Coach Kim said, “With Kang Sung-wook and Kim Yoon-sung out, we will use the rest of the players evenly. We need the rest of the players to get fit so we can have more depth. I hope that Min Ki-nam, Lee Hyun-ho, and Jung Bae-kwon can play well.”

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