What made KCC cry and Hyundai Mobis laugh?

 Its name is the All-Star break.

The 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball is coming to an end. 10 clubs played all 36 games until the 4th round. But no one can be offended. The fierce battle for the upper middle class is still going on.

KBL’s first break for the All-Star Game on the long road began in mid-January. If you look at the meaning of ‘rest period’, it is a positive period where you can take a break and reinforce what you need, but for some it was poison. There are teams that have been destroyed due to the break, and there are teams that have been on the winning streak.

It was Jeonju KCC that shed bloody tears. For KCC, the result of the 4th round before the break was not bad with a win-loss-win. However, after the break, the game performance dropped sharply. lost 5 times ago. The scoring and field goal success rate dropped sharply. The KCC average score was 79.9 points and the field goal success rate was 45.4%, but after the break, it dropped to 71.8 points and 40.7%. In particular, the 3-point shot success rate dropped by 6.2% from 35.8% to 29.6%.

KCC did not properly digest training during the All-Star break. Heo Woong, Lee Seung-hyun, Jung Chang-young, and La Gun-ah participated in the All-Star Game. It was the highest among the 10 clubs. Players participating in the All-Star Game had to take a break due to accumulated fatigue, and there were injured among the rest of the players, so it was not a training condition to properly adjust to the rest period. 안전놀이터

Heo Woong recovered his scoring ability in the 4th game after the All-Star break. Until his previous 3rd game, he scored 9, 7, and 13 points, but in the 4th game against DB, he scored 32 points, the most this season, and shook off his sluggishness. However, he did not lead to victory. It is because the performance of the rest other than Heoung has not yet recovered. In particular, Laguna’s scoring power has declined noticeably. He averaged 16.2 points on the team, but averaged only 10 points after the All-Star break.

To make matters worse, Seung-Hyun Lee was sidelined due to an elbow injury. Lee Seung-hyun recorded 10.5 points, 6.7 rebounds and 2.5 assists in 33 minutes and 12 seconds this season. Lee Seung-hyun’s injury to KCC is a tearful accident. It was reported that it would take about four weeks before his return. On February 1, right before the end of the 4th round, KCC traded Lee Jong-hyun from Goyang Carrot. Afterwards, Lee Jong-hyun is expected to fill Lee Seung-hyun’s void for a while.

If the break was poison for KCC, it was medicine for Ulsan Hyundai Mobis. Hyundai Mobis was recording 1 win and 3 losses in the 4th round before the break. However, after the All-Star break, they boasted 5 wins out of 5 matches and maintained their 3rd place. The score during this period was 81 points, slightly lower than the average of 82.6 points, but the field goal success rate was 47.5%, higher than the average of 45.8%.

Although there is a 2 option, the rest period was a time to replenish physical strength even for the 1 option Gauge Prim, who had accumulated fatigue. After the break, he recorded an average of 19.4 points and 13.6 rebounds, which is a slight increase from the average (18.5 points and 11.1 rebounds). Coach Dong-Hyun Cho said, “The attitude and mindset to go out in transition are much better than in the 3-4 games before the All-Star break. Players will have more confidence.”

Meanwhile, Anyang KGC this season is recording a series of defeats after the break. Ten days after the All-Star break, we had a game against Goyang Carrot, and we also lost by 20 points (65-85). Rather, the 6-game winning streak (November 8-December 1, 2022), in which matches were played every 2-4 days, turned out to be a better performance for KGC. It is true that the break period was poisonous for KGC, but the aftermath was not long, as befits a top-ranked team.

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