“What would have happened if I didn’t have it” .

Professional basketball expanded the Asian Quarter, which had been opened to Japan, to the Philippines this season. There are 5 Filipino players on the court in the first half. In particular, the presence of Filipino players in the top 3 teams is so prominent that people say, “What would have happened without it.”

At the end of the first half, the player who stands out the most is Lens Abando (25 188 cm) from Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation. Even though he is not very tall, he blocks the opponent’s shot with his tremendous jumping power and even makes a dunk shot. As of the 12th, he has succeeded in 1.1 blocks per game, competing for the lead with Jameel Warney (SK, 1.13). In particular, it is exceptionally strong against Seoul SK. He averaged 22 points, playing for the most in three games, averaging 31 minutes and 16 seconds. The ‘defending champion’ SK is a rival that KGC must defeat to win.

In second place, Changwon LG has Justin Gutang (26, 190 cm). In the beginning, I played two games in the D-League to go through a period of adaptation. Since the end of November, he has increased his playing time in earnest and created a new offensive option for LG. It has a great synergistic effect with Assem Marey, who protects the bottom of the goal by making a bold pass in a two-man game with an aggressive breakthrough. 스포츠토토

Third place Ulsan Hyundai Mobis has Ronjay Avarientos (24 181 cm) as its core power. He is averaging 13.1 points per game. Whether Avarientos is active or not is to the point where the team’s win or loss is mixed. He is the only Asian Quarter player to be selected as an All-Star and has a big presence.

Lee Seon Albano (27, 185 cm) of Wonju DB has the best scoring ability among Asian quarter players with an average of 13.4 points. However, the team fell into the bottom ranks due to injuries to key players.

Seoul Samsung, which also fell to the bottom due to a rope injury, could not establish a relationship with the Asian Quarter. Philippine national team William Navarro was ambitiously recruited, but it was canceled because he could not obtain a transfer agreement, and Christian David, who was subsequently recruited, returned without being able to play due to injury. Samsung is pushing to recruit a third player.

Teams that started a rebound at the end of the first half are now preparing Filipino players. Suwon KT recruited national representative Dave Ildefonso, who is popular enough to be called ‘Philippine Heoung’, and KCC also registered Calvin Jeffrey Epistola. The two plan to debut with the start of the second half.

Filipino players brought a new wind to KBL with their outstanding individual skills and passing ability. KBL also prepared a 3-on-3 match between domestic players and Filipino players as an event game in the All-Star Game to be held on the 15th. Kim Seon-hyung (SK), Byun Jun-hyeong (KGC), and Lee Jung-hyun (Carrot) will play against Abando, Avarientos, and Sam Joseph Belrangel (Daegu Korea Gas Corporation).

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