Why do we say ‘singles’ in tennis as ‘singles’?

In tennis, table tennis, and badminton, one-on-one matches are called singles. Singles is a Japanese Chinese character that translates English singles. Fasting, which is a compound word of ‘hot dan’ and ‘law formula’, literally means a simple method or form. In economic terms, the word ‘single bookkeeping’ is sometimes used to mean that various books are entered arbitrarily and simply without having a certain rule.

According to the English glossary, ‘singles’ is the plural of ‘single’, which means alone. When referring to a singles game in English, ‘singles’ is used in the United States, but ‘single’ is often used in the singular form in England. The etymology of ‘single’ is Latin ‘singulus’, and it was used from Middle English through Old French ‘simplus’. It was used in the 14th century to mean an unmarried person, and from the middle of the 15th century it was widely used to mean alone. As a sports term, it was used in cricket to mean a hit that scored 1 run in 1851, and in baseball in 1858 it was used to mean a single hit or a single base hit. It is presumed that tennis rules were created in England in the 1870s and used as a term to mean a one-on-one match. In golf, golfers who hit 72 to 81 strokes in 18 holes are sometimes called ‘singles’.

It seems that ‘singles’ was translated as ‘single’ using the concept of Chinese characters while Japan accepted Western culture in earnest through the Meiji Restoration. Judging from the fact that the word ‘fasting’ does not appear in the Annals of the Joseon Dynasty, it is clear that the word was not coined in China or Korea. In Japanese, ‘dansik’ is pronounced ‘danshiki’, similar to our word.

The Korean media used the word fasting since the days of Japanese colonial rule. The Chosun Ilbo article on October 15, 1924, ‘Chodaejeonggu Continental Victory (早大庭球連勝),’ said, ‘The final match of the 『Donnament』 of Nippon each technical school was the Chodaedaesang Grand Singles Match. In the afternoon of the thirteenth, the grand prize ceremony was held at the grand court, and the grand prize was won by an eight-to-one match. )(Tokyo Den). The content was that Waseda University had won the singles match. Tennisㅋㅋㅋ벳

singles is the most popular among sports that use rackets. The two players exchange the ball across the net to determine the winner. It is a game to cover. Watching the players fight on the court for 2-3 hours, the spectators enjoy the thrill of the match and are immersed in concentration and immersion. Players need fast movements and a variety of skills. Singles players play in a variety of styles. I have a style, but I also divide it into an offensive type and a defensive type.

In world men’s and women’s tennis, singles rankings are determined by winning major competitions and winning various men’s and women’s professional competitions. Novak Djokovic is currently number one in the men’s singles world rankings. He holds the highest record by keeping the world number one for a total of 375 weeks. ‘Tennis Emperor’ Roger Federer followed him and maintained the world No. 1 ranking for 310 weeks. It is followed by Pete Sampras (286 shares) and Ivan Lendl (270 shares). In the world women’s tennis world ranking, Steffi Graf kept the first place for a total of 377 weeks, followed by Martina Navratilova (332 weeks) and Serena Williams (319 weeks). In South Korea’s men’s tennis, Jeong Hyeon defeated Djokovic in 2018 to reach the semifinals of the Australian Open and ranked 29th in the world rankings, the best ever.

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