Won Seong-jin 9th, 1000 wins, 17th in Korea

Won Seong-jin (38), 9th Dan, reached the height of 1000 wins after 24 years and 11 months of joining.

On the 20th, in the 3rd round of the preliminary round of the 28th LG Cup Chosun Ilbo Kiwangjeon held at the Korea Institute in Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Won Seong-jin 9th dan won Lee Yeon 5th 100. Won Seong-jin, the 17th professional player in Korea to reach 1000 wins, recorded a win rate of 66.18% with a career record of 1000 wins, 1 draw and 511 losses.

Won Seong-jin, who joined on May 13, 1998, won his first win against Park Seung-moon, then 4th Dan, in the first round of the preliminary round of the 9th BC Card Cup Rookie of the Year on June 9, 27 days after joining.

Won Seong-jin, who achieved 100 wins in February 2001, won 500 wins by beating Park Jung-hwan, then 4th Dan, in the KB Kookmin Bank Baduk League in August 2009.안전놀이터

Won Seong-jin won his first major world championship by winning 2-1 against China’s Guri 9th Dan at the 2011 Samsung Fire Cup World Go Masters, and finished runner-up in the 17th LG Bae Ki King Match in 2013.

In domestic competitions, he won 4 championships and 9 runners-up, including the 15th GS Caltex Cup, 4th Masters Survival, 12th Cheonwonjeon, and 17th BC Card Cup Rookie of the Year.

Won Seong-jin said, “I still vividly remember the first game I joined. It’s already been 25 years. I can’t believe that I won 1,000 wins.” told

A total of 16 domestic players have recorded 1,000 wins in total.

‘Noodles’ Jo Hoon-hyeon (1959 wins), Lee Chang-ho (1855 wins), Seo Bong-soo (1753 wins), Yoo Chang-hyuk (1365 wins), Lee Se-dol (1324 wins, retired), Choi Cheol-han (1266 wins), Seo Neung-wook (1184 wins), Jo Han-seung ( 1133 wins), Park Young-hoon (1086 wins), Mok Jin-seok (1073 wins), Ahn Jo-young (1053 wins), Kang Hoon (1047 wins), Park Jeong-hwan (1027 wins), Kim Soo-jang (1023 wins), Kang Dong-yoon (1019 wins), Choi Gyu-byung (1009 wins) ) 9-dan was listed on the 1,000-win notice among domestic articles.

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