“Yang Hyeon-jong senior? Wow~ I only heard sounds” What the KIA special rookie caught his eye

Only one newcomer joined KIA’s 2023 first-team spring camp. Left-hander Yoon Young-chul (19), who was nominated second overall in the first round, is the main character. He is already one of the top 5 starting candidates and has a fierce competition with his seniors in camp.

As the candidates are not formidable, it is not yet known if Yoon Young-cheol will be able to join the opening rotation. Although he is evaluated not to be at the level of a high school student, the ability of his seniors cannot be ignored. However, Yoon Young-cheol has already learned a lot just by joining the camp, and he is learning the atmosphere of the first team.

Yoon Young-chul said, “I feel a little bit of ‘I’ve become a real professional now’ because I’ve been doing professional (camping) with my seniors. The exercise system seems to be different and more systematic, so I can only focus on exercise, which is different from amateurs.” smiled brightly. They say that seeing the pitching of the great senior Yang Hyeon-jong (35), who can be called a ‘role model’, is not just an observation, but an honor. At the same time he feels the wall of the pro, he also feels the excitement of being with this legendary pitcher.

Maybe it’s because the years are so different, but we haven’t had many conversations yet. Yang Hyeon-jong also smiled, saying, “There is a big age difference, and it seems like it’s a little burdensome for me and Yeong-cheol to approach.” However, it is not necessarily a conversation to share something. Just by watching, you can have enough conversation on the field through pitching.

What Yoon Young-cheol felt while watching Yang Hyeon-jong’s pitching was a surprise. Yoon Young-chul said, “When I saw it for the first time, the sound of ‘Wow~’ came out first. Every time I saw it, it seemed that only ‘Wow’ sound came out.” I want to,” he expressed his greed. 스포츠토토

Then, what do you most want to learn from pitcher Yang Hyeon-jong? In response to the question, “If you could take just one thing away?”, Yoon Young-cheol thought for a moment, probably because there were too many, and then said, “Consistency.” Yoon Young-chul said shyly, “He continued to throw more than 170 innings. Also, he has pitched consistently without getting hurt almost every year since then. I want to take that consistency away.”

Yang Hyeon-jong, who debuted in the first team in 2007, is an iron arm who threw a total of 2161⅓ innings until last year. He hasn’t had any major injuries, and he’s been showing his side as an inning eater every year. In the KBO League, he pitched 170 or more innings for 8 consecutive years from 2014 to last year. This is unprecedented in the KBO league. This is possible because he has thorough self-management and a sense of responsibility as an ace. Yoon Young-cheol also wants to leave his name on the first-team stage as a consistent player.

He hopes everyone can start off well. The same goes for Yoon Young-cheol. Yoon Young-cheol expressed his aspirations firmly, saying, “I want to be in the opening entry for now.” Attention is focusing on whether he will be able to continue to watch the pitching of his great senior, Yang Hyeon-jong.

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