“YouTube only players, no results”… Strong criticism towards the ‘100 million euro man’


Bent, who played in the English Premier League (EPL), strongly criticized Manchester United’s Anthony.

Anthony has been an ambitious signing for Manchester United this season. Manchester United spent 240.32 million euros (approximately 323 billion won) in rebuilding this summer, and about half of that amount, or 100 million euros (approximately 134.4 billion won), was used to embrace Anthony.

Director Eric Ten Haag’s intention was reflected. Manager Ten Hag tried to coach Anthony, who had been raised as the core of the attack at Ajax, at Manchester United. Anthony, whose strengths are excellent technique and sincere defense, was also a necessary talent for Manchester United to transform into dynamic football. 안전놀이터

However, his performance is not as good as expected. Anthony has scored five goals in 19 appearances for United this season. He is second only to Marcus Rashford (17 goals) in the team, but not quite worthy of the ‘100 million euro’ price tag.

He even got on the chopping block for useless personal skills. Anthony was hit by the media in the Europa League last October for his turn-around skills.

Recently, questions have also been raised about his offensive productivity. The British ‘Telegraph’ said of Anthony on the 24th (Korean time): “There is no help and no ‘big chance’. Manchester United need more from Anthony. He is not affecting the game enough and that has to change. “Anthony’s performance needs to improve,” he said.

Bent thought the same thing. In an interview with Britain’s ‘Talk Sports’ on the 24th, he said, “There is no real content to all the tricks and techniques. Anthony is doing everything, but he can’t beat anyone. I just use it,” criticizing Anthony’s skills as useless.

Then, when the host asked, “Are you describing him as a YouTube-only player?” “Where is the essence that should be in between, where is the final product? Anthony started well at United with a few good goals, but at the moment there is no output he is producing.”

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