Amateur → KPGA Debut only 5 months, 2023 season ‘Rookie’ Young-jun Choi’s resolution

It took only 5 months from amateur to professional debut. This is the story of ‘Rookie’ Choi Yeong-jun (21, Geumgang House), who is aiming for the Korea Professional Golf Association (KPGA) in the 2023 season. Choi Young-joon, who has been stepping on a solid road, is determined to win the rookie of the year by putting his strengths, ‘long hit and accuracy’ at the forefront.

Last year, it ranked 9th in the integrated point rankings of the’KPGA Srixon Tour’ and takes its first step on the’KPGA Korean Tour’ in the 2023 season. He said, “I am delighted and happy to play on the KPGA Korean Tour. As he has been on a solid path since his amateur days, he wants to perform well this year as well.” 카지노

Choi Young-joon’s single golf course was truly solid. It took only 5 months from his amateur to his debut on the KPGA Korean Tour. In 2020, he started to stand out by winning the ’24th Maekyung Solago Cup Amateur Golf Championship’ and won the ’34th Jeollabuk-do Association President’s Student Golf Championship’ that year. And in 2021, he climbed to the top at the ’28th Songam Cup Amateur Championship’ and imprinted his presence. He served as the National Standing Army from 2020 to 2022.

Last year, Choi Young-joon made his full-fledged professional debut. After the end of the ‘KPGA Srixon Tour 10th Tournament’ in June of last year, he succeeded in entering first on the KPGA Pro (Associate Member) privilege list given to the top 10 amateur points. In less than a month after that, he lifted the championship cup at the ‘KPGA Srixon Tour 12th Tournament’ and even acquired the KPGA Tour Pro (regular member) qualification. He performed steadily until the last tournament of the season, the “KPGA Srixon Tour 20th Tournament,” and secured the KPGA Korean Tour seed this year.

Choi Young-joon said, “It seems that I started to adapt to the environment of the ‘KPGA Srixon Tour’ from the second half of last year. After adapting, the feeling of the shot improved a lot, so I think I was able to win the next tournament right after joining the KPGA Pro.”

He cited his strengths as long hitting and accuracy. He actually averages over 320 yards on his drives. Choi Young-joon said, “From the time I started playing golf, I got his timing right. He helped a lot to maintain accuracy,” he said. “However, his short game ability is still lacking. The KPGA Korean Tour has a much higher level of difficulty around the green, so I will try to improve my short game skills.”

In the first season of his debut, his goal is to win the ‘Castelbazak Rookie of the Year Award’ and enter the ‘Top 10’ of Genesis Points. Choi Young-jun said, “In the first half of the year, we plan to prioritize quickly adapting to the KPGA Korean Tour environment. After adapting, I plan to play aggressively according to the situation.” It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I’m more greedy. In addition, we will maintain steady performance and make sure to enter the top 10 in Genesis points.”

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