‘Barca and 8 points’ Real Madrid look at Ancelotti with suspicion

 There is a saying in the world of soccer that “winning is just the snow that fell yesterday.” The glory of lifting two trophies for Carlo Ancelotti (64) is also a thing of the past.

Spain’s ‘Relevo’ said on the 7th (Korean time), “The past is not important in Real Madrid. You have to build trust every week. Last year is just the past,” and said that coach Carlo Ancelotti is not trusted by the club.

Real Madrid suffered a disappointing 0-1 defeat in their league match against RCD Mallorca on the 5th. Later, on the 6th, FC Barcelona defeated Sevilla 3-0, widening the gap between the two teams to 8 points. Barcelona are in first place with 53 points, while Real Madrid are second with 45 points. 바카라사이트

The media said, “The achievement of the double achieved last season is a thing of the past. In 2023, Real lost to Barcelona in the Supercopa final and was in a difficult situation as the gap widened in the league. In this situation, the club hired manager Ancelotti to the club. At the World Cup, I was put on a ‘test bed’.”

“A mistake made at the Club World Cup will be a fatal blow to Ancelotti’s managerial job. Real are currently playing in three competitions at the same time and the players are not in good shape (there are many injuries). The performance is also poor. Villarreal , We achieved a miraculous come-from-behind victory against Atletico Madrid, but the match against Mallorca clearly showed that winning for Real is not easy.”

“Key players such as Federico Valverde and Luka Modric have been showing degraded form for a long time, and some are still unable to step on the ground due to injuries. It’s pushing them to focus and that’s not a good situation.”

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