Bucheon FC 1995 signed a sponsorship agreement with Sunsystems…continues to accompany for 9 years

Bucheon FC 1995 will continue its sponsorship agreement with Sun Systems Co., Ltd., a high-quality sports tape manufacturer, for 9 consecutive years.

The signing ceremony was held on January 13th at Bucheon Sports Complex with Bucheon FC 1995 general manager Kim Seong-nam and Sun Systems Co., Ltd. Kim Seong-hwan in attendance.

Sun Systems Co., Ltd. is a leading chemical product manufacturing company that is leading the domestic chemical industry. It is also a company that is attracting attention by handling engineering equipment business and life health field such as sports medical product manufacturing. 온라인바카라

Sun Systems Co., Ltd. and Bucheon are the longest-serving sponsors that have been in a relationship for 9 years since 2015, and are helping prevent injuries and maximize performance by sponsoring medical supplies including their representative product, sports medical tape ‘M TAPE’.

With this sponsorship agreement, Sun Systems Co., Ltd. provides medical supplies to the athletes, and Bucheon provides the right to proceed with various advertisements, such as stadium A board and electronic display board advertisement video transmission.

Seongnam Kim, general manager of Bucheon FC 1995, who attended the signing ceremony, said, “Thanks to Sun Systems’ continuous support, it has been a great help in improving our performance and managing better matches. I will do my best to show good performances this season as well.”

Seonghwan Kim, CEO of Sunsystems Co., Ltd., who attended together, said, “I am happy to be with you for a long time. As far as I know, the team is training in Thailand in 2023. I will cheer for you to give joy and happiness through soccer this season through a lot of preparation.”

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