Can Arsenal beat Brentford and continue their ‘Kings of London’ look?

Will Arsenal, the leaders of the Premier League, beat Brentford and continue their appearance as the ‘Kings of London’ this season?

Arsenal, who have never lost a PL match this season in London, face Brentford. Arsenal have met seven times against teams based in London, winning all of them.

They defeated ‘North London rivals’ Tottenham twice, and knocked down Chelsea, Fulham, Brentford, C. Palace and West Ham once each. Defeating all difficult opponents is also the secret to running for first place this season. 온라인바카라

Attention is focusing on whether Arsenal, which will take place in the 23rd round of the 2022-23 PL, which will be held at 0:00 am on Sunday the 12th, will continue its undefeated march against the London team by overcoming Brentford, which is home to London.

Arsenal, which has 50 points from 16 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, is ahead of 2nd place Man City by 5 points despite playing one less game. It is a situation where we have to break the flow of consecutive 0-1 defeats in the FA Cup round of 32 away from Man City and Everton. Attention is focusing on whether Arsenal, who is undefeated with 8 wins and 1 draw in PL home games, will return to the Emirates Stadium and break the losing streak.

Brentford, the visiting team in 7th place, is currently on a nine-game unbeaten run in the league. Brentford beat Manchester City and Liverpool during a period of five wins and four draws, and drew against Tottenham. As they are consistently producing good results against strong teams, they plan to continue this momentum and give Arsenal their first PL home game defeat.

Brentford beat Arsenal in the opening match of last season, when they won promotion after a 74-year absence, but have since lost both head-to-head matches. The key question is whether Brentford, with Ivan Tony, who has 13 goals and 3 assists, and the defense team, who recorded no goals in 3 consecutive games, can block Arsenal’s run.

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