‘Closely disciplined!’ Hwang Min-kyung, who was greeted by Lee So-young’s folder, was surprised to see Song-yi sunbaenim and polite greeting

Hwang Min-gyeong of Hyundai E&C, who was elated while receiving the folder greeting from KGC Ginseng Corporation Lee So-young, was surprised to see Han Song-i, a senior player, and bowed 90 degrees with an urgent look, making the players laugh.

On the 14th, a match between Hyundai E&C and KGC Ginseng Corporation in the V-League Women’s Division was held at the Suwon Gymnasium.

Although the two teams faced off in round 4, it was a match for 1st and 5th place, but the focus was on the match between the two teams, which showed a sparkling match this season. All three of them had a close match that went all the way to a full set, and in the face-to-face confrontation held on Christmas last year, there is a memory that Hyundai E&C was stopped from winning 15 consecutive wins since the opening. 바카라사이트

There are many close friends between the two teams. Jeong Ho-young, who was warming up with tubing on one side of the court, waved and greeted Hyundai E&C players as they entered the court.

Na Hyeon-soo, who moved the team from Ginseng Corporation to Hyundai E&C, approached Ho-young Jeong and hugged her warmly, and Park Hye-min, who was on the court first, greeted Hwang Min-kyung with affection.

The moment Hwang Min-kyung slowly moved her steps toward the Ginseng Corporation team, Lee So-yeong, who was lying on her coat and warming up her body, found her and quickly got up and bowed her folder more than 90 degrees to see her disciplined. presented

Hwang Min-gyeong put on a satisfied expression at Lee So-young’s smirk, but she only lasted for a moment. Right next to him was a senior presidential candidate, Han Songi.

Hwang Min-kyung quickly moved her steps and greeted Han Song-i with a polite 90-degree bow, which made Kim Chae-na, Lee So-yeong and Park Eun-jin burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, the match ended with Hyundai Engineering & Construction’s set score 3-1 (23-25, 25-23, 25-21, 25-16) victory. Hyundai E&C continued its 5-game winning streak.

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