Commentator Seo Hyeong-wook donates World Cup profits to the Soccer Love Sharing Foundation

During the last World Cup, commentator Seo Hyeong-wook, who conveyed the vivid impression of the World Cup while working with commentator Ahn Jung-hwan and caster Kim Seong-joo in Qatar, stepped up as a donation angel.

The Korea Football Association Soccer Love Sharing Foundation announced on the 9th that Hyung-wook Seo, CEO of First Division, CEO of ‘Football List’ and YouTube channel ‘Polli TV’, donated part of the profits generated through the World Cup commentary relay to the foundation 메이저사이트

. , participated in the talent donation for the foundation’s elementary, middle and high school soccer team book-sending project, and established a relationship with the foundation.

CEO Seo Hyeong-wook said, “I was moved by the positive energy I got from watching football in Qatar. I like soccer in my country too, but there are many friends who have not been able to intuition due to circumstances. I decided to donate because I thought that energy would help me in my daily life and broaden the base of soccer once I intuit it.”

Cho Byeong-deuk, chairman of the Korea Football Association Soccer Love Sharing Foundation, said, “The donation case of a football media star will give a big resonance and good influence to viewers watching the media. I hope that this good influence will spread more in the soccer world and that Korean soccer will shine in all corners of society.”

The Korea Football Association Soccer Love Sharing Foundation is carrying out projects with the main purpose of contributing to the development of soccer by gathering the participation of all people who love soccer, and returning the profits gained from soccer to society

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