Cool-headed Samsung, Lee Kwan-hee, Kim Jun-il, and Lim Dong-seop also leave… There is no romance in the pro world

Seoul Samsung was cool.

On the afternoon of the 11th, Samsung let go of Lim Dong-seop and acquired Choi Seung-wook from Changwon LG through a trade. He revealed that it was a choice to develop and strengthen defensive stability.

After being nominated as the second overall pick in the KBL rookie draft in October 2012, Lim Dong-seop remained as a ‘Samsung Man’ for nearly 10 years, except for a period of temporary departure as managing director. 스포츠토토

In the 2016-17 season, Lim Dong-seop, who was in his heyday, led Samsung to runner-up in the championship match. However, after returning from Sangmu, he went downhill and eventually could not stay with Samsung until the end.

Perhaps Lim Dong-seop could remain as a Samsung franchise star. He could also earn the title of one club man. However, in the current professional world where romance is hard to find, he had no choice but to transfer in a cold reality.

Samsung has already sent Lee Kwan-hee and Kim Jun-il to LG. It was a blood loss to get the authentic point guard and Kim Si-rae, which was his long-cherished dream. Lee Kwan-hee and Kim Jun-il were also ‘Samsung Man’ along with Lim Dong-seop, but the reality was harsh.

Of course, with the exception of the middle of 2010, it may be a choice to erase the continued dark period. Samsung is changing under coach Eun Hee-seok. It seems fitting that purge is an inevitable choice for change rather than a cruel word.

Instead, new players are growing. New ‘Samsung Men’ such as Kim Jin-young, Lee Won-seok, and Shin Dong-hyuk are rising to the center. Now, they must lead Samsung to greet a new era.

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