‘Detail Doosan”s burnt saga, isn’t it going against the times? 

 “I haven’t done it for 8 years.”

‘Detail Doosan’ is improving its perfection. He is also focusing on bunt training, which has been difficult to see lately. Efforts to be reborn as ‘Detail Doosan’ by adding details to the pronoun hustle stand out.

Doosan, who is digesting spring camp at the Blacktown International Baseball Center (Blacktown Stadium) in Australia, is undergoing high-intensity training every day. From the 8th, I started live betting, and I am focusing on developing the senses needed in real battles, such as defense, run, and strategy. 카지노사이트

A key Doosan official said on the 10th, “I was surprised to see him training bunt. I wonder how long it will be,” he said. In fact, Doosan changed its color to attack baseball after the appointment of manager Kim Tae-hyung in 2015. At the time of building the ‘dynasty’, there were many games where Kim Hyun-soo (LG), Yang Eui-ji, Min Byeong-hun (retired), and Heo Gyeong-min scored a lot with exciting batting. In particular, in 2018, Kim Jae-hwan exploded 44 homers, exceeding the team’s batting average by 30%. It is true that there was no need to score points with tactical baseball because there were many players to solve if you just got on base.

The fielders are divided into two fields and trained in rotation. In the main stadium, normal batting drills and long tees (training to hit a tossed ball far into the outfield) are performed, and in the 2nd stadium, the ball fired from the pitching machine is hit. The bunt is mainly played in the 2nd stadium, and coach Jeong Su-seong leads the players man-to-man.

In modern baseball, we view bunt value as low, but more often than not you have to squeeze in points to play a 144-game regular season. If you shake the firing squad with a bunt in a close fight, the possibility of making a big inning increases. Another key Doosan official said, “In Japan, bunts are taken for granted, but the major leagues also bunt more than expected. It would be best if you could win all games with a strong attack, but baseball is a sport that is unlikely to do this.”

Coach Lee Seung-yeop and Coach Jung share the same idea. Sometimes it is necessary to disturb the composure of the opponent with a strategy. Baseball is a sport in which you lose by making your opponent comfortable. A bunt, a steal, or a run and hit can change the course of a game.

Coach Jeong said, “I have been training bunts since the end of the camp, but he is not used to it, so the players find it difficult. He trains every day, even in spring camp, and he sees improvement.” Batters with long hitting skills, such as Kim Min-hyuk and Kim Dae-han, fell into the trap of bunting without exception. It can only be done once a season, but you don’t know when that time will be, so you have to be prepared. Hitting the ball with all your might is good for feeling catharsis, but since one detailed bunt is directly related to team victory, all players are working seriously.

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