“How can I win after giving away 21 offensive rebounds?” Kim Joo-seong’s complaint after missing 4 consecutive losses

“You can’t win this way.”

The professional basketball DB lost 77-83 in the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball 5th round away game against Samsung held at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul on the 13th. Even when they were on a 4-game winning streak, the unexpected 4-game losing streak resulted in a 1.5 game win over KT in 6th place and KCC in 7th place.

The sad news that came before the game was painful. Kang Sang-jae, who was at the core of acting manager Kim Joo-seong’s tactics while forming a ‘triple post’ with Kim Jong-gyu, an outsider, left due to an injury. Acting Kim said, “My calf muscle was torn about 3cm. I will have to rest until this week,” expressing regret. 카지노

The absence of a key member was more fatal than expected. The height that was strong enough to be called ‘DB acid’ has completely collapsed. It was pushed 35-52 on rebounds that day. In particular, the offensive rebound was a whopping 8-21, a disastrous level.

This is why Samsung, whose field goal success rate was only 35%, scored more points. DB’s chase was put to rest by leading 21-5 in second chance scoring.

After the game, acting manager Kim said, “You can’t win by giving 21 offensive rebounds. He spared no bitterness, saying, “I feel sorry for the rebound, apart from the content of the game.” He then pointed out the reason, saying, “The two foreign players were pushed out of their strength, so they had a tough fight.”

DB’s Malcolm Thomas-Lenard Freeman duo combined for 13 rebounds and 13 points. Compared to Samsung’s Dallal Willis and Anthony Moss who combined for 26 rebounds and 31 points, this is an infinitely shabby figure.

Acting Kim said, “(The opponent) was a reckless player, so I was pushed out of the physical fight. However, every shot has a success rate, and the fact that so many offensive rebounds are taken away is a problem for the entire team rather than a failure to control a specific player.”

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